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  1. birdlady

    whites goldmaster gmb4 ?

    Still reading on the manual and doing adjustments but I think I might be a little clear with this and who knows may just find a little Nugget,, thanks
  2. birdlady

    whites goldmaster gmb4 ?

    I thought I would clue you all in my garrett 2500 was very heavy and need a person that knew all about them to run them.. I only paid 450.oo and so with the even swop.. I think i did great,, Yeah the garrett is around 1600.00 but i got it for a song too. so I dont feel I did bad.. and the goldmast 4B is lighter in weight.. so I am impressed happy hunting ,, to me and you.. Happy holidays...
  3. oh yeah that is the way to do it..
  4. birdlady

    whites goldmaster gmb4 ?

    thanks for all the replys ,I am going swing.. that is the idea to have fun and possibly find alittle glimmer..
  5. I have 2 more waiting to be trained..
  6. Is this a way to train our dogs for gold or what?
  7. well had a chance to trade my garrett for a whites gold master what do you think.. It picked up the fine stuff really fast.. hope it is easer to learn any hints..
  8. birdlady

    NW AZ GOLD Rough an Tough

    alright now shove the luck to me....way to go..
  9. birdlady

    Ran a Vacuum at my wire gold spot

    wow that is great .. go figure,,I have a toro leaf blower will see what i can do ...
  10. birdlady

    Ran a Vacuum at my wire gold spot

    hay how do you reverse the leaf blower ,It blows out not suck in...? can you tell me ..
  11. birdlady

    Going to Bullhead Arizona

    hay thanks for the info, putting a order in ,, its worth it too.. wonder if they come in different colors...
  12. birdlady

    Going to Bullhead Arizona

    is that what they are called snake blockers...
  13. birdlady


    Last year for xmas ,My husband said Honey what do you want for xmas. I said only one thing,To save a life..He said how would you do that. I said , the animal shelter lets get a cat.. she is sweet loves the dogs , dont chase my birds.. live's in a kennel at night. and would love ever child she saw.. WE named her ARI as arizona.. all white a realy sweet heart
  14. birdlady

    Going to Bullhead Arizona

    where do you get snake guards? Guess we have been lucky have not seen a snake, we are in ft Mohave, go to desert nearly every day.. good luck..