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  1. Seems to me that everyone that gets to close to him and his agenda seems to get clumsy and have freakish types of accidents, or just conveniently being assigned to the wrong place at the wrong time.
  2. Does anyone else sense an unusual coincidence over the deaths of the Seal team 6 members involved in the bin laden mission who were killed in a freak helicopter crash? Does anyone else sense an unusual coincidence over the two FBI agents who were directly involved with the arrest of the Boston Marathon bombers "accidentally" falling out of a helicopter? Really guys...falling out of a helicopter. Pretty cheesy and I smell a rat.
  3. Yeah fellas, I stood on my porch just North on 89 and watched Yarnell burn. I spent a season on a hot shot crew several years ago while still in the military during the Big Bear fire in CA. This like many experiences in my life taught me how much I didn't know. I learned there is no good way to pack a chainsaw, and there is more to putting out a fire than pissing on it. They did all the right things and Mother Nature reminded us how small we are. It is sad these men were lost, most of them to damned young.
  4. Thanks Dave. Lol yeah, I used to be a safeway guy when I was in Alaska, maybe I should stick with it.
  5. spent the morning with the blue bowl, tomorrow...back to the brush and the no no-seeums.
  6. I have a cube and wouldn't trade it for anything, but in my opinion it belongs in the garage. I drywash and bring home cons and cube them. just my 2 cents
  7. I took 4 forks and a serving spoon into a diet clinic and made 7 people fat
  8. You guys are singing my song, I think I have it all covered. Going out tomorrow for final sample spots and another spot close to it, should be a good day. I'll let you know. Thanks
  9. It had all the ingredients and found some yellow while sampling, Needed to sleep on it. I think this one might be a keeper. One more trip out there to be sure.
  10. Spent the day in the water, Moved alot o gravel from one spot in the crick to another spot in the crick and nothin to show but sore bones and sunburn neck. However somewhere out there some poor fella was spending his Sat. punchin the clock. Makes that empty sluice sound not so bad.
  11. I placed a call to the prime minister of Cyprus to voice my disappointment.
  12. Don't know a whole lot about minelabs. I've been shootin a supertraq and doing ok. may have found a 2100 V2 for the $1500 range, any input? Thanks.
  13. One of my drysuits has the booties and I usually need steel toes so I wear a pair of mucks or bogs that come up to the knee. you can get either of these with normal toes and when your working shallow, wear an extra pair o socks to make up for the large size and these boots will not allow your feet to get cold. I've worn these boots 300' deep in crazy cold water, we wear hot water suits for such dives but the boots hold warm in the same as they keep cold out. just my 2 cents. good luck.
  14. Heck, alot of us here have blue bowls and such, just save your concentrates and let me know and you can run them through mine. I can't speak for others but I'm sure I am not the only one that would extend the offer. I understand some people don't get out enough to justify so much equipment. Anyhow, just a suggestion. You never know, you might find new folks and new places to dig. Good luck
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