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  1. 49goldrushtradingpost

    Had a excellent 2 day weekend 60+ nuggets

    Great weekend ..........sure looks like it, congrats!
  2. 49goldrushtradingpost

    Silver Nugget

    That one is real nice! lots of character.....I have few I will post later , just for reference we don't see to many natural silver nuggs.
  3. 49goldrushtradingpost

    Last Saturday's gold

    Hey....that' nice gold.....regardless of your better days.... anytime you find it...is a good day indeed.
  4. Nice nugget, hey gold or not, it's will keep you in shape.
  5. 49goldrushtradingpost

    Getting used to the In Between Patch Blues!

    Hey Dan ...Doc, Yeah you guys have a point, I have noticed Summer post are down because its Extremely hot and many of us just can't get out for various reasons. I spoke to grubstake ( Gary ) a few days ago and we both agreed that post are down. I enjoy reading the forum in the evenings after a good hunt skunked or not. And I know there are still some who are out there drudging along in the " Hopes" of a discovery. The tongue holder was a surprise, hopefully the other piece comes up in the future.
  6. I like Docs last post about the Gold Basin Nugget that I was inspired to share my last two weeks. I have been fortunate enough to have had some nice patches in the last few years. I visited those patches countless times and have discovered well hate to admit it..but gold don't grow back like potatoes.. . So its been about two weeks since my last find which was a nice specimen of quartz and gold. But that was two weeks ago. So I have had a lot of time to search new areas and perhaps find a new patch of a few nuggets or more . Usually I search the flat areas, tailings and such, but now I am hitting slopes below and around pockets, cuts from shallow surface diggins in the hope I hit a streak of float working its way downward or perhaps some pieces along the cut . I did find a nice buckle or tongue holder the other day..and a lot of lead and trash.
  7. 49goldrushtradingpost

    A couple little ones......on a hot day.

    With summer around I have to admit I have not had the time to detect much...kids out of school and I find myself being a Taxi service most of the day..whizzing them from one spot than another. But i did find a little time this summer to get away...thought i would share these...little pretties...total weigh of all three 3.4 grams...some have a nice hoppered structure. Can't wait until it cools off....
  8. 49goldrushtradingpost

    New Coiltek Elite 14" Mono ??

    Hey Mike, So your saying you have a NF Evolution 17" E and did not know about it....haha must be nice. Wonder why they put the 17 inch Mono E out before the 14" ??? So NF is just waiting for all of us to spend our money on the Coiltek Elite 14" which by the way is getting pretty good reviews on the Aussie sites...Regardless I am not hard pressed to buy one right now anyways. I will wait and see....still not sold on the GPZ neither....until they get the Buggers out....I ain't moving up. But I am hard pressed to buy another vlf..for the extreem trashy areas , any suggestions? Fred
  9. 49goldrushtradingpost

    New Coiltek Elite 14" Mono ??

    So we all have read about the "New" coiltek Elite 14 mono coil coming out. Its been a few months since it's arrival in the States. Has anyone purchased it and tried it out on the GPX models ? I am a bit curious that with all the Hype...about how great this coils is that there is very little feed back if any at all from users. I would imagine many like myself would want a coil that claims it goes deeper , and more stability would have bought one and tested it out. Same goes for the new Nuggetfinder Evolution...anyways I would like to hear form those that have one on how it performs to other brands similar in size. Is it all " Hype" or is it the real deal?
  10. 49goldrushtradingpost

    Gold bug 2 MINI conversion

    Does it come with a ferrite ring ?
  11. 49goldrushtradingpost


    Nice......now you can sell it and make some dough....
  12. 49goldrushtradingpost

    Gold Is Taking Another Dump

    Thanks for the education Mike makes sense to me.
  13. 49goldrushtradingpost

    Gold Nugget Item

    Its a cool piece, probably a piece of jewelry worn by a miner on Sundays. I have a nice wire gold nugget stick pin from the gold rush era, nice to know these fellars' actually enjoyed wearing some of their gold.
  14. 49goldrushtradingpost

    Help !! Can't Ground Balance

    Hey just got back from a hunt and I got it working. Looks like it's either the battery or power cord...I did not stop to figure it out as I was hunting...but i am jazzed I did not have to send the sucker for service. It's either the power cord or the battery...as of now. Coils good.....seems its a common problem, but an easy fix...