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  1. My gold comes from the ground that I dig up when my detector goes Beep the rest I don't care about. How it got there and who or what made it...really makes no difference as to the amount one will find. But I do enjoy the theories.....
  2. Adam, Great close up pictures....those are very nice , no two are alike...like fingerprints. Thanks for sharing..
  3. Holy Smokies Wes !! Shes a looker......total eye candy. Hope to see more goods come out in this section....I showed two.....whos next??
  4. That's a great story Grubby, thanks for bringing it in today...a lady would kill for a ring like that.... .Gosh, the best non-nugget find, that's a tough one. But I would say it would be the 1898 Liberty head five dollar gold coin. Than ..hahah the Chinese opium damper scrapper, sterling silver with an etching of a poppy. So many more but i will stop.
  5. That is an incredible specimen....great post. I am drooling and can't wait to hit the hills on Monday...
  6. I have one from Washington State, tested it with gold tester and scratch test, acid...it weighs 2.2 dwt. It is magnetic...its a rough nugget has what appears black magnetite in voids.
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