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  1. Very nice. Are they self collected? If so, mind if I ask from where? Thanks. Mike
  2. A coworker told me that Lynx Creek at Banning Mine Road is now restricted from panning. Can anyone collaberate? Was thinking of heading up there this weekend. Thanks. Mike
  3. You found my weakness Bill and drew me out of the shadows. Those are beautiful. Here is one I recently finished from Opal Hill Mine in Wiley Well, CA. Still a nube so its not perfect. Enjoy. Mike
  4. Hi Sarahrose, First, I really enjoy your post since you seem to have the same interests that I have. I haven't posted here in a while but I do lurk from time to time. Based on your natural light pics, the green is chalcedony. I cant tell if the red is calcite or just a reflection, but the rock is beautiful. I have some fluorescent calcite I recently got from the Ajax mine and a fluorescent chalcedony thunder egg I got from Potts Canyon that I will post later. Happy Hunting, Mike
  5. Lou, Had a good time Sunday kickin around some rocks with you. I think I ruined the crysocolla pieces I brought home by putting them in water to clean them up. Lesson learned. I'd like to get back out this weekend if you're up for it. Let me know if and where you want to try next.
  6. Birdlady, If you're talking about the Opal Hill Mine in Wiley Well, it is a pay to dig site ($25 per person). Nancy Hill owns the place and is a really awesome person. I think opal is getting scarce although it has been found there. Fire agate and crystals are what they mine. You absolutely need a high clearance and preferably a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I didn't have to put mine in 4wd but there were a few iffy spots. That said, I had a great time there.
  7. Thanks Casey. I was thinking it might be wood or something. I didn't consider coral.
  8. Lou, we'll have to remedy that with some more trips. Thank God it's starting to cool down. Bill, fire agate definitely is a practice in patience but I've been enjoying it. Thanks guys for the comments.
  9. A friend from work picked this up while camping last weekend and asked me what this was. I told him I thought they were geodes. Was I right? Thanks. Mike front close up back
  10. I decided I needed to spend less time on the computer and more time working on my fire agate pieces. These are still shown wet as I still need to get some diamond powder to finish polishing them. The fire layers are so thin I'm afraid I may have already gone too far with the 600 grit burrs I've been using. Thanks for looking. Mike This one I blew through one layer and was lucky to find another. Too bad, the first layer was very colorful. This one is starting to show some green and red. It should make a nice ring or necklace for the wife. This one has some crazy layers and if you look cl
  11. Very cool Casey and nice speciments. It looks like you were preping the place for the Redneck Olympics.
  12. Awesome Lou, not bad for an hours work. I've been too distracted by work and family to get out and do any hounding. Good luck finding more.
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