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  1. A coworker told me that Lynx Creek at Banning Mine Road is now restricted from panning. Can anyone collaberate? Was thinking of heading up there this weekend. Thanks. Mike
  2. I was kidding Jeff; next time I'll use a smiley. Funny video AU...until it happens to you. Kinda like tequilla.
  3. Great advice folks. The metal detecting will have to wait for a little while yet but I'll be sure to pick up some new foot wear when I do. I will put a comb and leatherman on my shopping list right below the water, benedryll, and snake repellent. (Do they make that?)
  4. I see a lot of posts that say to use non metallic. Excuse my ignorance, but is that because of heat or does it interfere with metal detecting? I have my old Marine Corp issued jungle boots I plan on wearing when I start trekking through the desert. They have canvas sides and I believe they’re steel toed. Should I think about investing in a better boot?
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