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  1. I have a friend who did just that and what a blade i'll see if i can find it. and show you. and yes some day i will find my own this guy who made this blade was given his meteorite i want to find my own.this man is just the best when it comes to people he's a great family guy and has all ways helped me and yes this is a meteorite knife you should see how he made it . lots of time and fire .....
  2. ya what frank said , you know i make knives and started making knives threw reading and talking to people on forums like this one and every time i made something like a knife there where people to help some people to say good job and some that just say why don't yo know it all you should of read this or that ,but i was after the friends part of the whole thing also the people that would tell you the truth but have fun doing it ... as soon as i polished the stone today i was let down .... dang it i just knew that it was just iron of some type but i still think it looks like a rock to me.... i m
  3. ok got my knife stone and worked on this some with my magnify glass i can see some flakes of something but i need to polish it some more to get a real look what do u think i know its hard to see from these pic's i might just be seeing hope with my mag glass we'll see when i polish it some more .... if you all think its worth it ....
  4. ok i can put these up then i'll wait until tonight and do some test as u all say if i can find the tools for a knife maker u'ed think i'd have some kind of stones or files somewhere. LOL
  5. got some of these lots more tonight ,tonight i'll try some things you all are saying and is a chondrite a meteorite ?
  6. ya i'll have to look into a window test and streak test i'll read some and how to do them and get back to ya... and where dirt movers on this construction site just big equipment no one has small tools LOL up close it doesn't look like gas bubbles more like old rust but what do i know LOL thats why i'm here to learn ...... i'll look into this window and streak test stuff.... after work today...
  7. yes dave i found them in spokane WA. can't cut any windows until i get home in a few months i'll have to look up what a chondrite is .....
  8. ok i don't know if this helps but if i have to i take them in the daylight tomorrow
  9. ya took them with my cell i'll try some more its just getting dark and being i'm in my camper don't know if the light will be good enough i'll try
  10. hi everybody i'm a knife maker - construction worker i'm working in spokane wa, for the month and brought my whites MXT with me to cover the off time maybe find some gold or a meteorite i'm going to north dakota next week to finish out the work year before winter.... i think i found one its about the size of a quarter, heavy ,and it sticks to a magnet its got some rust color outer layer on some of it and looks like a rock "i know its not just a rusty bolt" so either its a meteorite or a good fake LOL i found it in spokane WA. on this construction job i'm working yesterday i have pic's but phot
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