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  1. I have a bounty hunter that I bought at cabelas and havent really gotten to use it much and i think I may have either alot of junk iron around the house or my detector isnt setup right who knows lol
  2. so I had posted this on the relics thread but now I think I should have posted it here instead http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=24671
  3. oh and I need to add a y connection to my crative contraption so I can run a flushing hose to clean out my sluice after im done
  4. down round abouts olympia area
  5. I have it setup to be adjustable water flow on this contraption I built, fed by a 1500 gallon per hour sump pump so I dont think flow will be an issue thanks for the information guys here are some images of My little device as well as a good reason to always go through your concentrates after you have panned them
  6. so as I was browsing craigslist I came across an add for a fisher f2 metal detector looks in great shape if it has even been used, has anyone had any experience with this particular detector? guy wants 150 for it is that a good price seems that according to fisher the msrp is around 300+ so any information would be greatly appreciated, and it also looks like the detector has the pinpoint button
  7. got the flare and classified it down to 1/4 gotta love arizona dirt blacksand everywhere in that stuff.
  8. a very good reason why I bought it over a steel one, what angle are you running it at am having a tough time with the pebbles and sometimes larger stuff getting stuck in the riffles, could be a water flow problem not sure, Im running it here at the house on a stand that I built ill post pictures when I take some in a day or two. thanks for the info
  9. does anyone have any experience with this particular sluice? I have one and am trying to get the hang of it, not running it in the creek at the moment just running it on a homemade rig that I created.
  10. so here's the deal is Arizona rich in black sands or something?My folks brought back a 5 gallon bucket of dirt for Me since they were down there, dont know where it is from but it is loaded with black sands im figuring in a single cup theres probably a quarter cup and then some of black sands, is this normal?
  11. use seafoam or the stabil designed to treat ethanol
  12. thanks for the information guys like I said in response to the blue bowl comment, at the moment im not able to get out prospecting enough to get anything that is relatively expensive for cleanups, I have an eezee sluice and a couple of pans so as you can tell im pretty darned small scale lol.
  13. ive been looking at a blue bowl problem is i dont get out prospecting enough at the momen to warrant buying one
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