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  1. I just got the dang permit, good all year anywhere and nothing to worry about where I park. Sucks ya gotta buy a permit to access public property. Just not right.
  2. I have been there with no luck both drywashing and sniping. No dinks and very little drywashing but maybe haven't hit the right place yet. Worked it about a month ago for three days. It does see a lot of traffic and someone else was working it too all three days I was there. Make sure you are within the claim as it is surrounded by other claims as Adam said. GPS helps and the markers are visible.
  3. Jim, So sorry for your loss, are Condolences and prayers go out to you. I can only imagine the emptiness you are feeling at this time. We are here for you if you need anything. John
  4. Hmm, shovel on quad moving overburden in a wash.
  5. I'm an old timer from Utah, I took a pan with me fishing every trip. Found some gold in a lot of places even near Brighton Ski Resort only a little more downstream. Found a deserted old mining cabin still had a mining cart and track in working order and the cabin was in good shape. Also found the mine but was unable to scale the pinnacle where it was to investigate. The only way up was a rope pulley contraption that I didn't trust. I was just hiking and wasn't into prospecting too much at that time. About three years later I went again and the cabin was vandalized and tore apart, the mining ca
  6. By the way, does anyone use the Gold Hog mini-highbanker? In a recirculating set-up?? A question for Bill, do you carry any highbankers in your store?
  7. I live here in AZ. This is what we use and it runs all day recirculating which is what you were looking for. Although this is set up on the patio, this is how we run it in the field requiring 15 gal. water for all day including a clear water gallon for final panning. Although you can't see it there is a 2 1/2 gallon bucket at the end of the highbanker sluice. We have two 2 1/2 gallon buckets so we can dump them as they fill with material. There is a screen mounted in a picture frame to trap the plant material before it reaches the pump where the water leaves the smaller tub. This set-up belon
  8. Now ya just gotta find the sheep. The one with the pink ribbon on her tail is mine.
  9. I'm with John on this one. Plead my judgement must be impaired cause I can't even walk straight.
  10. That is a soooo not funny joke to play on you.
  11. Got some pickers next time out life is good.
  12. Welcome, There is a great GPAA group in Temecula. http://gpaatvp.com/tag/gold-prospecting/ My nephew belongs to it and really likes the group.
  13. Sampled all the obvious places on the claim I was sampling with no luck. So decided to think outside the box and think where I would hide from prospectors if I were gold. Got lucky, ten minutes and sweeping 2 sq. feet of a tiny wash before I left for a sample. 3 shovelfuls of dirt yielded this when I panned it at home. Finally got the skunk off my back. Gotta go back to for the rest before it runs away. Thanks again all for the pointers and tips posted on this forum.
  14. Nice finds Tom. We were out riding the quads too, what a beautiful day and brought home some samples.
  15. Thanks GlenM on info for bakery buckets and your suggestion Gilaoro on the bucket and methods. Rockhunter we were just there to do a quick sampling and only had 3 hours to do it. I numbered the buckets with 1 inch rocks thrown in after classifying to 1/4 inch to identify each bucket and wrote the gps and a brief description of each area we sampled. We put 3-4 samplings in each bucket keeping each one separate with a rag. We were able to cover a lot of ground this way and are just now starting to pan samples. Hopefully we'll find something. Thanks again all for your comments, just thought I'd
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