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  1. Finding gold in utah east and west
  2. Yes I do, In utah it is illegal to kill rattlesnakes but we have mountain lions, bears, and alot of stupid people, all can try to take your life. I will avoid any conflict if possible, but i refuse to believe that my safety is someone else's responsibility but my own! But to each there own. 9mm compact hollow points.
  3. Hey john, may I offer up a little help, I am in utah and have fine gold here, like table salt grains and pepper flake size ,and most are even smaller .I to have 2 pans I use one half small lip in the bottom before it starts on the ripples and the other is a pan that has no lip the nolip pan has 2 types of ripples the main ripples and a small section for fine gold even (this is my favorite pan ) I deal with alot of black sand and rice size white quartz. You need to work the pan by shaking and swirling it around for a good 2 min. With a good amount of water it's a good idea to put a tiny drop of dish soap (I use dawn) be careful not to do a big drop and you only need to do that at the first when you go to start this causes the surface tension to not allow the gold to float then trust your pan try keeping the cons in the first 1/3 of your pan after your 2 min. Start (you will learn to cut that time down) try not to flatten the cons out all the way in the pan keep it in that front 3rd (try to tell yourselfers your just washing the rocks ) the water will do the work , when you go to start moving the rocks off the small gold I promise will be in that very bottom so trust your pan and pull the sand back but only to that 3rd mark and keep going let yourself move the rocks and sand off your fold is safe in the very bottom when you start to see the black sand in the corners you can angle your pan even more and get as little more aggressive again keep the dirt in that front 3rd to now a 1/4 when you down to a cup of black sand pick out the little rocks if trust at this point is key. From 1 cup to the next point work it down on the big ripples till you have 2 table spoons .now cheat look for any small picker. If you don't have any over the size of rice move it to the small ripples and work it o. The small ripples the small gold will hang in the first 3 ripples and then you good . If your not sure of your self and your panning skills get some dirt and drop a bb or small split shot from you fishing tackle and try it if you can keep that in your pan your gold us safe with your talented panning good luck let me know how it works here is my gold and the size so you know it works.
  4. It is hillside gold. there is very little in the stream out west so I have a 375 gallon. Tank , I recalculate and can run several hundred gallons of dirt.
  5. Been a little while sense I posted the gold in utah is well and becoming easier to find, I now have a few claims placer mostly all west of slc. a hint, i have found is that most of our gold in utah never makes it to a stream look for it on the hillsides and old dry creeks that have not seen water for a very long time. Also look for green copper stains. Just some tips I have used.
  6. The 1 inch per foot is a good rule of thumb here. (Here meaning utah) our gold here is mostly fine sugar or pepper so I set it to that angle and use the 2 inch pump that gives me the ability to turn up the flow without blowing the gold out. My cost is 100.00 for a 8x10 sheet I have them cut it down the center and fold the sides and weld them end to end then the deep v mat is 14.00 for 12 x 36 so after it is said and done my sluice costs about 220.00 but what ever you like buy or make. I enjoy the make cause it's more of my choice and I like to load bullets for my gun, again you could just buy a box of shells but.... but there is something to making your own and having it work out......
  7. I love our state are gold is mostly pepper sized but we seem to have alot . May I make a suggestion when we are prospecting try the hill side do to our lack of water most of our gold does not move far I have a claim out west and the gold never makes it to the stream that only runs one week out of the year but the gold is still there you would never find much in the stream but the hills are a different matter. The gold is all over even in the road. Just as a help to utah miners we have young mountains and with not much heavy weather every year the gold won't make it to far off the hill, so take a shot on the hillsides.hillsides
  8. Hey I have ran a homemade sluice for years and years I own a claim out west desert of utah and I recalculate my water I use a 2 inch pump and my sluice is 12 inch wide 30 ft. Long I use deep matting run 200 gallons of dirt before I clean it out. I set my angle at 11 degrees or about 1 inch drop per foot. And I only have fine gold very few nuggets here in utah some pickers. (Split pea size)and I do very very will .
  9. A quick way to tell is cover it from light if it stays looking like a gold ring in color then try the scrape test if it dlakes of its mic but gold shines in light or shade mic won't. ..
  10. I have always wanted to prospect out that way maybe some day .
  11. I think that changed hands I met the new owner he wanted to make a deal trade time on each other' claim but I turned him down how is if I rememer right you nv. Claim? I am not in amass by the way, but we should plan a day to go looking around that area
  12. https://photos.app.goo.gl/lxqV17Yg85VMQrZA2
  13. utah has gold small but chunky
  14. Thanks guys I can't use a dredge because there is no water and it is high The hill. I have found here in Utah we don't find much in the streams ,I think it is because we are the second driest state so our gold is still on the hill sides . But thanks for the help utah rocks!
  15. Just sharing a couple pictures from utah averaging 1.2 grams an hour
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