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  1. jarrod

    This One Hand Cut Next One Laser Cut

    if the gold dont care i dont care !!!!!!! Shawn Pomrenke
  2. jarrod

    This One Hand Cut Next One Laser Cut

    still making parts https://youtu.be/AYqhtqz-15k
  3. jarrod

    This One Hand Cut Next One Laser Cut

    any takers on seeing the magnetic remover come to life
  4. jarrod

    This One Hand Cut Next One Laser Cut

    laser in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7DGzHDpWxc&list=UUo_e7sg6Uym-wBkR4L1GZog
  5. jarrod

    This One Hand Cut Next One Laser Cut

    hand made products fitting nicely
  6. mag-remover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7DGzHDpWxc&list=UUo_e7sg6Uym-wBkR4L1GZog
  7. jarrod

    What's the #1 key factor in recovery

    yep finding it is where it all starts. I yet to try any detecting but looks fun!! but with a high banker and a table feed rate seems to be a big factor as all the other adjustments like water flow angle, classifying and better ground
  8. jarrod

    DIY Finishing table

    thanks El Dorado
  9. jarrod

    DIY Finishing table

    couple test videos http://youtu.be/2qsEOEz5Rm4
  10. jarrod

    DIY Finishing table

    test video coming soon
  11. jarrod


    nice build and killer pilot skills them flat foames are fun to fly
  12. jarrod


    here's the last record's I knew about 399 mph and some sweet landing's at the end!! http://youtu.be/Oix6sHKzOLU most of my plane's are hanger Queen's right now
  13. jarrod

    DIY Finishing table

    Thanks just got done refinishing an retro fitting an old desk into a new stand
  14. jarrod

    DIY Finishing table

    heres a couple videos of my table the prototype https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF-ov5Er1xw&index=5&list=UUo_e7sg6Uym-wBkR4L1GZog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QTfz_SdNpM&list=UUo_e7sg6Uym-wBkR4L1GZog