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  1. Several recent personal events (wife totalled car trying to miss a deer, AC unit struck by lightning) finds me needing to sell some of my collection...... I hate auction listing fees and I hate seeing nice nuggets (not fines, but specimens or decent sized nuggets) go to a refinery (you may disagree, but thats just my opinion). Any suggestions on where to sell some higher end stuff that I can also be reasonably sure its not going to be melted for bullion?? Thanks
  2. brass is kinda surprising, I didnt think it would conduct electricity very well.........I remember old electricians talking about silver wiring.......now it conducts!
  3. Thanks..........he sees all the photos of my summers is Alaska and the Yukon, I got to figure that out next..........I just hate roadside panning, but wow, flights to Alaska are almost double or triple what they used to be....
  4. anyone see this? Not to start up an argument, but interesting never the less........especially about the sampling..... http://www.latimes.c...0,3466318.story
  5. My nine year old had such a great time searching for and finding arrowheads around here and prehistoric shark teeth at a dry riverbed on his grandparents farm in MS, I was thinking about expanding his horizons.........I recall looking for geodes somewhere in or near Middle TN when I was a kid..........any suggestions for things like that in my area?? Thanks
  6. i think its an old one though, new ones are aluminum
  7. whatever happened with the Black Swan recovery?? did they get to keep that ??
  8. wonder how the owner forgot he put that there to begin with?
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