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  1. Finally cut off the end to see what was going on inside and this is what I found.
  2. OK here are the ends. You can see where I attempted to cut an end off, first with a hack saw then with a dremel tool. Got sidetracked with the baby keeping me busy. You can actually see the ends of the "wires" sticking out of the cut, and out of the end of the rock, just little silver spots. The other end. Still think it is petrified wood?
  3. Good question, I have no idea. I suppose anything is possible. If that is the case I hope it was a big branch and the rest of it is in the same gravel bar. Chances of that are slim given the glaciated nature of the area I am in. One thing is for certain, I know it didn't form here. Like everything else of value in Illinois it got dragged here against its will by a glacier.My theory is that it was part of a vein of silver up in Ontario that was gouged out and ground down by ice. The rest of it is out there but it is hidden in a pile of glacial moraine 50 miles long, 5 miles wide and up to sever
  4. I started slicing off an end to see what was going on inside and got the distinct aroma of drain cleaner (sulfuric acid). So I started looking at metal sulfides and came up with Acanthite which is silver sulfide. Cannot find a picture which looks exactly like it but there are pictures with native silver in the specimen. It is unusual in the way it cuts. The surface is relatively soft and cuts like graphite down to being just black powder. The inside of it is too hard to cut with a metal blade and just polishes the cut surface. The fresh cut looks very metallic. Now I wonder what it is worth. :
  5. Found this while prospecting in a river. It caught in the hopper of my highbanker. When I went to grab it I noticed the veining in it. When I picked it up I noticed it was really heavy. I stuck it in my pocket for later investigation. What I know for certain: it is non-magnetic. It has a black streak. It is soft enough to cut with a steel jigsaw blade. The veining goes completely throughout the piece. You can actually see it where it comes out on the side in the last picture. Looks like little specks. The veining is like wire and can be pulled away from the rest of it without breaking. What
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