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  1. You've lead an interesting life Unc, and it's not even half over! Saginaw
  2. That's it, rub it in. You lucky guy. Saginaw
  3. Hi Mike. Did you find any info? You've got me wanting to go. Saginaw
  4. Thanks Ruben! Looking forward to your future posts. Thanks Adam and Skip for pinning it.
  5. Thanks Skip. It's amazing how, using 72 cams, this watchmaker was able to get this mechanism to draw pictures and write poems, in script writing no less! Translating all those movements into those cams must have taken years. Saginaw
  6. Skip's topic, "Amazing Workmanship!", blew me away. So, when I saw this video, I knew it belonged next to his. Enjoy! http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/world/2014/03/06/spc-art-of-movement-automata-clockwork-a.cnn.html Saginaw
  7. Like you Mike, I just used what I had in my tackle box with mixed results. Back east, my love was Bass fishing, and was able to almost from my back porch, so I did often. Not so, here in NM, now I fish for meteorites. Still haven't figured out what they're biting on. You know, Sportsmans Warehouse puts out a free seasonal newsletter that is really helpful; like a school lunch menu for trout. It will tell you what the trout are biting on almost by the day and where. Very helpful. It's a starting point, after that ask the other anglers you see. Best of luck! Saginaw
  8. Hi Rimmy. Mr. Hillbillie's suggestion is a great one; build your own telescope. You are looking for a new hobby, so that would be a good way to learn about telescopes. I've never built one of my own, but it's easier than you'd think. I had a friend that built one and he and his family still use it. Optical materials are the costliest parts, but used parts are always available. I like this idea and may build one myself next winter (got meteorites to hunt for between now and then). Saginaw
  9. Hi Rimmy. Below is a description of a similar scope. Read it and decide. Celestron 102mm Wide View Spotting Scope 4" / 102 mm Refractor Telescope 52270 Product Info Celestron 102mm Wide View Spotting Scope's 4" aperture provides bright, breath-taking views of both ground and celestial objects. If you're looking for high magnification of terrestrial viewing, the size of the objective lens is incredibly important, and the 102mm of the Wide View will give high-magnification details of intricate subjects. 102 mm Wide-View Spotting Scope's #52270 fully multicoated optics perform brilliantly in low light conditions, perfect for squeezing more viewing time into early mornings and late evenings. Two 1 1/4" eyepieces are included for 20x and 50x magnification. Also included is a 45 degree erect image diagonal and tripod adapter for mounting to any photographic tripod. Photographers appreciate the 102's fast (500mm f/5) optical system. Celestron 102mm-WideView classical refractor design with achromatic two-element lens made of crown and flint glass is well suited to both visual and photographic applications. Celestron 102mm Wide View Spotting Scopes-52270 are great for bird watching, astronomy and photography as well as nature study. You won't see down into craters with it. The magnification will be about the same as a high mag pair of binoculars. Find out about spotting scopes at this Opticsplanet link: http://www.opticsplanet.com/spottingscopes.html Look under Buying Info/Show More/More About Spotting Scopes Saginaw
  10. Thanks Skip. When you really ponder and consider the thinking, planning, and execution to produce something like this, it's humbling. That these amazing items were made by hand, by candlelight, using what are considered today to be 'crude' tools, it makes modern workmanship seem sad by comparison. Saginaw
  11. Hoser John is right. Always give help when you can. You can't expect people to respond the way you might want too, but there will always be those that, in the spirit of camaraderie, will want to help you. Karl organized a trip to GB a while back and Mitchel showed up. I had never been to GB and Karl only once or twice. To ensure a good hunt for us, Mitchel generously shared what he knew with the two of us. We were swamped with information, but Karl and I were grateful for it. Don't give up. Saginaw
  12. Gotta agree with you John. That's what I was reminded of this Christmas. Not from Michigan Jeff. It's a nickname I was given during a good time in my life, and I like hanging on to it. Thanks for the comments fellas. Saginaw
  13. Thanks everyone for the comments. Love the potty training idea. Might use that one down the road. Got friends with little ones that will need a boost soon. The joinery was more than called for, but I thought it would look good, so I went with it. Saginaw
  14. Thanks Frank. She hasn't figured out what to keep in the box yet. Thanks for the comment. Saginaw
  15. Thanks fellas. I really got a lesson reminder this Christmas I won't soon forget. Saginaw
  16. Thanks Seeker. I appreciate your comment. Saginaw
  17. I enjoy woodworking and I'm always looking for problem solving projects to take on. At work, I wanted to do a special Christmas something for the office secretary. She had had a very rough year. She is very short, and her feet dangle when she sits at her station. She was using different things like boxes, trash can, etc. to rest her feet on. So I thought a great project would be to make her a foot rest. I had just the right scrap and hardware that would be perfect for the project. The project took just a few nights. I used a friend's shop (he's got heat in his), in exchange for helping him with some chores he needed a hand with. We got to spend some good time working together. The secretary was blown away when she opened it. She already talks about how she is going to keep using it after she retires. Now she has a rest that won't give out on her (like an empty box) or get in the way (like the trash can). She reminds me of how you can spend a fortune for gifts for people, but sometimes the smallest and simplest things can last the longest and mean the most. I had a nice Christmas because she did. Saginaw .
  18. Only I am responsible for my behavior.

  19. Impressive group! If, or when, you have more videos we would like to watch them. Tell me, there are people that video trains (train chasers, I think they are called), are there people that film model rockets too? Saginaw
  20. Sorry Chris, the link only opens this same page in a new tab. Would really like to see what the group looks like. Saginaw
  21. Hi Chris. Yeah, height is a problem for spotting the little guy. I wonder if a chute made of highly reflective mylar or a really standout day-glo color might help with high altitude spotting. I'm thinking too of a trailing reflective mylar strip; the kind used to scare birds. These would be the cheapest options to try first. BTW, any figure will do as a test jumper; Barbie perhaps? It's time she stepped up. I would fill her with sand, BB's, or something to add some weight (no joke). She would drift very far without it. Just some thoughts. Saginaw
  22. Hi Chris. Enjoyed the video. It reminded me of something long ago. When I was a kid I had a parachute toy that I loved. It was a disc that had a little paratroop figure with a parachute. The figure was held on with a rubber band that came loose during flight. You tossed the disc like a frisbee but straight up as high as you could and when the disc reached apogee, the little paratroop would fall out of the disc and his chute would (usually) open and he would drift down. It was a neat toy. It would be great if you could apply the paratroop to your rocket somehow. It would add a lot more fun to the whole experience. Just an idea. Saginaw
  23. Hi Chris. Like your 2 photos. Nice. I'm no train expert, so I'm wondering, what is that box with a smokestack on front of your models? A light? Dying to know. Not trying to be funny, but at first I thought it was a Dreidel someone had fixed to it. ​ ​Saginaw
  24. Man! Nice finds! One day I'll be part of the club. I'm trying. WTG! .
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