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  1. Thanks Ruben! Looking forward to your future posts. Thanks Adam and Skip for pinning it.
  2. Only I am responsible for my behavior.

  3. This blog is a test to try recreate problems BedRock Bob is having while working on his posts. I’m using the following: Microsoft Office Word 2007 PhotoBucket Text Body 1: This section represents text and any included image links. The image is a screen shot of PhotoBucket’s Library/Albums (Items A & B below) page. Mouse over the thumbnail image and a little ‘gear’ (Item 1) appears in the upper right corner of the image. When you mouse over the gear this opens the dialog box seen below containing the options share, copy, etc. Click on the ‘Get Links’ (Item 2) option. This opens the PhotoB
  4. Whahoo! This is just what I was looking for. I want to etch some suspect irons I found to find out if they are meteorites but haven't because the info I was finding confused me. I found just what I needed in this old post. I wish there was an easy way to find info from old postings. There must be a lot of useful info buried and forgotten in these. Is there a way to catagorize your posts? Or maybe a reference section like weaver hillbille suggested in a pinned post? --
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