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    detecting for gold in the mojave desert,fishing,spending time with family and friends.
  1. alot of minlabe modles do not have as high of frequncey as you might think. the peaces of gold you have desplade should on most major modle's have gave some what of a signal i own a white's gmt i can find match head size nuggets with it it's my best advice is to switch im not telling you what to do of course but you will find alot more small peaces of gold before you find a monster nugget.the gmt's run any were from 400$ used to 800$ new i have found thousands of nugget's with the gmt hope you find this usefull partner.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i was able to pull out 125 nugget's in three trip's.

  3. and the last trip before that i baged 33 nugget's.

  4. last trip to the gold field's i baged 5 nice nugget's.

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