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  1. thanks to all for replying Based on your advice I went and purchased a set of nugget busters....looking forward to testing them out on the GP extreme cheers
  2. Hi guys thanks for your responses so far. I checked out the nugget busters and one review I read, this guy was using them with a gpx 3500, and said it wasnt responding to the deeper faint targets. Now I checked as best as i could the specs for the Koss UR30's and it seems they are in the range of 18-20000khz, but the nugget busters are 200-3200khz Because the Koss's go down to 18 khz, is this why perhaps the nugget busters are not in range of the lower frequency? The other thing I havent been able to determine, which is probably more important is the frequency range of the GP Extreme the nugge
  3. I would like to discuss the mysterious subject of metal detector headphones. So far I have owned a Garret Infinium, and SD2000, a GP extreme, and an SD2100v2. Because I have bought them second hand, I always got a set of included headphones, and they had been ok or so I thought. I remember the instructions on the Garrett Infinium warning that Mono Headphones should be used at all times, as opposed to mono because they could operate properly within detector range But then with the SD2100v2, they came with a set of Koss UR30's, which I later found out are supplied new with the GPX5000's. When I
  4. Hi I just purchased a second hand SD2100v2, and as you can see its missing the control caps for this side, and the tune control on the other. Does anyone know where i can buy some? I contacted Minelab, they said they didnt have any. They said to try an electronics store like JayCar (here in australia) but they didnt have them either Hoping someone could help me out. Im from victoria in Australia cheers
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