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  1. That's what I told her I bet you could sell them on Ebay . If she got 200 Bucks each she would make like 3bucks a hour . Then I'm thinking what I'm I thinking because I want one for Xmas . Last time she was over I tryed giving her a brand new in the box tumbler . That could helped some getting the scratches out .she did that by hand she said but still that's a lot of Rock Hunting .
  2. My little sister 36 has been hunting her but off finding are petoskey stones and making these wreaths to give at xmas . Don't they look nice
  3. Well thanks for the info . Wish I had a pic of this other rock that's out in 4 foot of water just off that last Rock . It's a monster green rock about the size of my truck hood . It's not a solid green as you can see into it . It has this shiny mica looking flake right threw the Rock . At first I thought it was mica but took a few samples off it and now think its a gaint peace of niclkle ore or something . Really not sure . I tried to melt the metal down and it took alot more heat to melt down that shinny flake than gold does. I used mapp gas and by adding charcoal or carpon it finally did melt but turn it to this shinny glass . Wrong gas maybe or was it the carbon i added i just dont know ?This green boulder had a 2" wide white quartz vein running right threw it and the edges of the vein have turned black , my guess silver sulfate . Just off that Rock there's a gaint white quarts Rock that's all jagged and not smooth like the other rocks around and it has turned black as well . I scraped of some of the black and can see pyrite . Thinking this rock might have some of that micro gold I find maybe . Never run out of new Rocks to hunt in this area . I would really like to find one of them gaint copper nuggets people are finding . Need to get a under water metal detector that's forsure . Need to mount a lift of some kind on my big boat to . Need some kinda jack hammer to so I can make some of these rocks a little smaller . The deeper the water I go the bigger the rocks get . need a testing system for these metal ores . Need a smelter . I did get me a nice Rock crusher . I really do Injoy myself out there and my Kids just love it to . A lot of fun going on are adventures and hunting treasure . Sure it's rocks and most people don't understand us but that's a good because we have it all to are selfs and it's untouched area . There has been glaciers come in from every which way so it's hard to say what we might find
  4. <p>Here's some jasper I found and its green but feels different . How about this other rock any ideas . Its a big Rock and is on the beach still because I can't lift it nor could 3 of us move it
  5. I found it here in Michigan . This rock is very smooth to the touch .
  6. Maybee you can help with this Rock I found this highbanking a gravel bar about 2' down .I post this before but got all different anwsers Thanks
  7. My customer must hunting them yuppy seeded rock spots around the country . Green tree agate is what he gave me looks like I didn't come from Georgia but India My interests are in glacier deposited ores around . At first gold and silver . After finding this very large rock filled with nicle I'm looking for that as well . I do hold onto any other cool looking rocks like that layered green and red jasper I posted last summer .
  8. He gave me this peace of green agate and said he did find it Goergia , not a Bad Rock
  9. I think your right on it being lazulite . I see it is found Michigan gavel pits but it's rare . My customer found it in a gravel pit to the north of us . He's the one that has the rock saw . I went to his house after they called about having a Raccoon probem . I'm pesky critter removal . The guy was down in his basement cutting rocks . He goes I like Rocks . And looking for me to just roll my eyes . Instead I go I have a Rock probem to . I started pull all these rocks I had just found from my truck from my daily travels and showing them off and ended up giving most of them to him and in return he gave me a few at my last visit . Good guy to know to because he has one great setup for working on Rocks I tell you
  10. Tastes like a rock to me . Took a good knife and it won't scratch it and it will cut into glass no problem .it must be very hard
  11. The rock is full of pyrite as well . I looked on google and I do see they mine blue sapphire way north of me in Rock . They use diamon bladed chain saws to cut slabs of rock and the sapphire is in the rock .
  12. Never herd of sapphire found in michigan but this sure looks like it .host rock was found then cut
  13. Pic of gold from this Rock , I ground up 2 buckets of chucks of this Rock and got 3/4 of a bucket of powder , the outer edge held the larger gold
  14. That sounds fun , the problem I have is I own and operate a wild life control company called pesky critter removel . Here's my web site animalremovalmi.com . For me to just take one day off is a big deal because I have traps out on people's houses and when a animal gets captured I must pick them up . So when I do get to get out I never know because it depends on how many calls I get . I have been building a dredge and have some private property to run it on . Was doing a bat removal job the other day . My son was out back checking out the woods and found this old farmers rock pile . I asked the customer if we could take a few and they said sure . Found this big rock of decomposed granite . We had to bust it up to get it out and I've crushed up about half of it . I got some chunky gold out of it . The outer edge had the bigger gold . I think most of the gold washed away because after I wobble panned some of the dirty water and then looked with my loupe I found all this micro gold . I'll post a couple pic of it . Found this gaint boulder that's green with a 1 1/2" quartz vien with black sulfides . I took a couple of samples thinking there might be something good in the vein . There's nothing I can see but the green rock is just loaded with with this shinny silver looking stuff . At first I thought must be lead sulfide but after taking the map gas torch to it over and over and even Adding charco around it I can't hardly melt it and just turns more bright silver colored . It must be nicklle because it takes high heat more than anything if tryed to smelt down . I would hope its some kinda platinum ore but theres no way I could have found that much platinum , it must be nicklle . I need to get a gas powered hammer drill so I can handle these big rocks . The chain saw I seen cutting slabs of rock is on YouTube . They had a water pump hooked up to it as well . I do have a nice rock crusher . Need to build a wash plant . I'm thinking I should run the dirty water first . Build like a tank and wash the float gold off first and then do a clean up and then run the heavy stuff . Been collecting lots of silver ore with silver sulfide . Need to learn how to get the silver out of it . I think yes we have placer gold and yes I have a few good spots up to 12 specks up to fine gold per pan .I think we have more micro gold that you can't see with out a loupe . These gravel pits have areas where water collects (mud puddles) after each rain . These spots need to be checked for micro gold . We also have Canadian mountains all ground up laying at are feet and there's got to be lots of good ores at are feet as well . Fact is I found larger chunky gold in rock than I have found I pockets in rivers and creeks . The rocks to look for are the decomposed ones . From what I'm told that's how gold is made in to metal yellow gold . They say the best place to find gold is where gold has already been found but someone has to find it first . Yes I have gold and silver fever that is true . If I do find it that's fine but it's hunt I'm after and it is fun and good clean health fun .
  15. That red you see is a powder that's locked in that clear calcite . I took a few samples and rock started bleeding . I see there a chainsaw blade that cuts rock. Has anybudy ever used one
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