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  2. 1 - Depending on leg issues - Biscuits and or cornbread - Absolut
  3. Barry, AZ claim question. If a claimant fails to file his paperwork or pay the maintenance fee on a claim and the case file is closed, is there anyway for that claimant to recover his claim without filing another location notice and paying the filing and maintenance fee again? Thanks for MyLandMatters. Very cool.
  4. I will say if any of you do meet up with Ray for a hunt you better have your running shoes on!!! He does not waste time between spots.
  5. Casey at Miner's Creek in Wburg is also a buyer most of the time.
  6. http://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/az/pdfs.Par.5345.File.dat/3830-002%20Waiver.pdf http://www.blm.gov/pgdata/etc/medialib/blm/ca/images/iac_images.Par.96090.File.dat/3830-004ASSESSMENT2016.pdf Fee remains $10.00 per claim listed on Notice of Intent to Hold and Affidavit of Annual Assessment Work
  7. I'm late to the party but WOW! Cool beans! Thanks for sharing those fantastic finds!
  8. Thanks, I appreciate the link. It would be better without your condescending attitude. I too have done this stuff before. I was instrumental in setting up and funding a 501-C3 Foundation in GA that assists Wounded Warriors transition to civilian life, an annual Special Olympics Kayaking Fair and Competition, along with many river and stream cleanups and so on. So I have been there and done that too. If I decide to do this I do not need a carrot dangled from a stick to inspire me. My primary interest in the small scale mining community. Therefore I will have to do some research on these grants to see how or if it could benefit small scale mining. Thanks again.
  9. You keep posting about these millions available but do not mention who or where they are available from. Care to elaborate?
  10. I get your drift here. However my interest is not for personal or individual gain but to establish a working relationship with these agencies that will benefit "we the people" in whatever our use and enjoyment of the public lands may be, I too am not afraid or scared to death of the government as suggested. I have just so much energy and time to devote to this issue and want to use it as wisely as possible. I have always subscribed to keeping your enemy close. I would like to see something like Hoser mentioned established in AZ and for that matter in all areas. I want all user groups, especially small scale miners, to be able to use OUR public lands without harassment from OUR land management agencies. Thanks for your input and participation.
  11. Thanks for your reply and link AZBlackbird. I will look into it for sure. Here is link to an article in this months issue of ICMJ by Chris Ralph: http://www.icmj.com/article.php?id=3071&keywords=Protecting_Our_Access_to_Public_Lands Hoser John, I think that multi agency committee idea is very good. Maybe something like that could be initiated in AZ. Homefire, We the people by our inaction and complacency gave the power to the DOI and USDA. How do you propose we the people "shut them down"? With more inaction and complacency? I don't think that will cut it. And waiting for someone else to do it for us has not been very successful either. I don't know an easy solution but we as the small scale mining community need to organize and take action sooner than later. I am hesitant to support or suggest support for the existing organizations that purport to fight for the small scale miners rights. I may be wrong but I get the feeling some of them are "mining the miners". I have absolutely no evidence of this but it's the feeling the groups give me. I hope I am mistaken. Does anyone have any knowledgeable feedback on this issue?
  12. Yep, but what if they find out you are in fact a dumbass???? :-) just kidding. Your actions are to be commended. If the small miners community interacted more with regulatory personnel on a personal level it would pay benefits in my opinion. Anyone ever invite any USFS or BLM peeps to an outing? I know this goes against the grain for many, but it is effective at winning support. AZBlackbird I assume you have your reasons for not sharing what you learned from volunteering? What type of things did you do as a volunteer and what is the process to become a volunteer? Wouldn't it be great if the e small scale miners had the recognition and power of the NRA or Sierra Club. Does anyone know of an organization that is a watchdog for land closures by the BLM and USFS?
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