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  1. Follow this youtube link some info you may really like in the video.
  2. Received an E-mail from MicroNugget that he was willing to brave the Southern Cailf Desert 100+ degree weather and get in some Nugget shooting. Soon after I arrived he had a sweet sounding signal on his GPZ7000 and this is a short video of his results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVeOykRt07U
  3. I live in the Southern California just north of Los Angeles. Its been HOT, real hot the last few weeks and I wanted to get out detecting but the idea of hunting new patches in air temps of 100 degrees or more just did not seem appealing until this morning. We have had a few wild fires spreading around the Los Angeles area and even thou they are many miles from me, the wind was blowing the smoke in my direction. That was enough to get me driving out to the gold fields. I arrived at the area I wanted to start swinging my zed and decided to change up my settings. Im a smooth threshold person, cant stand a chattery threshold, but since I was going to be covering old ground I decided to turn up the settings as far as I could and see what happens Sometimes it pays to step out of your comfort zone, 2.2g . .56g .05g
  4. Great Job! I swear those nuggets were glowing red with the heat when you dug them,
  5. Thanks all, The summer sun is kicking in hear in full force so these maybe my last ones for the next few months.
  6. These are Southern California gpz7000 nuggets from my last 5 trips out to the Desert areas.
  7. Nice gold Lu! now its Mitchel's Turn
  8. Been detecting the Southern California Deserts for 5 years or so, never seen a rattle snake but have heard of a few on some club claims. Never seen a mountain lion but they are out in the deserts. Every person I've run across has been very friendly. There's a few black bears up in the hills and around the city outskirts but they are not aggressive and do their best to run off. Join a club in your area, you'll learn a lot about prospecting and coin hunting. Some claim owner who sees you taking gold off his claim with a gun on your side may shoot first and find out you had no clue about claims after the cops show up.
  9. Armed forces conducting war games off the coast of Los Angeles, Navy fired a Trident missle. they have rerouted LAX incoming air traffic for the next week from coming in over the ocean after 12am.
  10. if you have a coil cover you'll need to make sure all the water is out of it as well.
  11. Nice! I've noticed as well some nuggets sound out with a warble and others sound normal.
  12. Go slow then go slower,,, after that go slower still on a detector.. If we are talking sluces then moving as much materal as possible
  13. The GFX 7000 is a counterfeit clone of the gpx 5000 they are rebranding with a new name.. A very good reason to only buy from a real minelab dealer.
  14. A big congrats to you guys!!! Great finds for sure. I would have stayed in that field for few weeks till I was sure its empty:)
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