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  1. Geo2

    2 Stage Sluice Gravity drop w/ Powerhead

    Yes, I agree (Popandson) fine gold sluice is very efficient at catching fine gold. Run properly it will catch almost all of the gold -albeit - some loss.But it is proven to catch near 98% of the gold, when setup and run according to guidelines . And yes, one should use some hold down method for the small expanded metal mesh or it will raise or bend easily and not function very well. Thanks Dave for the feed back on this type of sluices.
  2. Geo2

    Thinking of building a puffer drywasher

    Thanks for the info guys , those two mentioned by frank seems quite knowldgeable about the drywashing subjet. I also prefer the puffer type, they are quite and less dusty than the blower ones'.
  3. Geo2

    DIY Finishing table

    Jarrod, Nice build you have ! What the table top is made of ? is it fibre-glass?
  4. Geo2

    DIY links

    Thanks for the links -although- being an old thread most of the links are dead.
  5. Geo2

    Drywasher Old AN New tecnology

    Un-fortunately almost all of the old posts had the pictures gone for good :( Only left the text of the posts !! Wonder why !!
  6. Geo2

    A Reciprocating Sluice Box for a Trommel

    I remeber I v'e had read about vibrating your sluice might not be a good idea for gold recovery because it makes the gold especialley the flakey fines to get up and run down the tailings with the shaking action. Don't remember the source now but I think that's the opinion of some the prospectors'. Anyhow I like your trommel !
  7. Geo2

    A Reciprocating Sluice Box for a Trommel

    Nice design iowa hill I want to have a trommel build like that for my operation.