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  1. Tested the detector again this weekend,, got a different piece of gold to test, it was an impure piece though, 2 gold rings 14k and 18k, and a natural nugget, all melted down together, total weight approx half ounce!! and the detector did detect it!!! also worked on a single wedding band!!! Thank goodness!!! I guess the original pieces of gold i had tested on, were either just to small, or very unique pieces, as that my gp extreme could not, and still will not detect them!!! Thanks for all the tips and comments!!!! Now I just gotta get one of the local gold mines to let me test it on an expose
  2. it is hardrock gold, not placer or loose!!!! gonna try and get a bigger sample, and see the results
  3. picture of gold i am using,,,, as for the settings, ive tried so many, couldnt post them all
  4. I have a question, i am new to minelabs, i just purchased a used gp extreme, for nugget and lode searching. I have tried and practised with it a few times now, and it seems to work great, once tuned and balanced. BUT, I have couple pieces of gold, and it will not make a sound on them, ive tried almost every setting possible, but Nuthin!!!, the pieces are 1 small nugget at 0.6 Gram, and some natural gold in quartz, total W 6.5G, approx 2-3 grams of Gold in it. My garrett gti2500 screams on them, even the small Nug. BUT the minelab, not a sound, even with both pieces together. I understand thes
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