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    I love to do photography and hope to go professional one day. I have been bitten by the bug and cant seem to shake it (nor do i want to really). Metal detecting and Prospecting have become one of my favorite things to do as recreation.

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  1. sorry been awhile since i have been on. school took hold right around my neck and threw me down and out of the game for a bit. but im back and getting ready for a trip hopefully right after the holidays are over. Thanks for all the info on this one! it really has helped me out big time with my decisions on equipment! i think id be better to buy a dredge first and convert it into a recycler when im in an area with minimal or no water. Thanks again!
  2. Hey grim1. i just sent you an email so we can keep in touch! Thanks for the offer! i had some school work start to pile up so had to put some hobbies aside to tend to work. also Rockhunter i have checked out tons of youtube videos recently and i am itching to get out again to try some new technique out! i want to check out some new areas that i havent been before, though christmas is killing me with work. hope in january when things slow down ill be able to get out again and hit it big!
  3. i have learned a lot from these posts! but my biggest thought was that i needed to get out there with someone and do some prospecting. Thank you Bigrex for the offer! when did you want to go out diggin? weekends are usually best for me and i can take a couple days off if needs be. Let me know!
  4. Hey rex! I am hoping to stay in this for the long run! I am going to college so sometimes my time gets tied up and im not able to get out or even post online! but dont worry as im on whenever i have the chance to. But i think that would be good to get out there to try a drywasher! what areas are good to try out here? and are they under a claim that can be accessed by joining a club? also the prospector you mentioned, i think his name is jon with chucks metal detectors? i talked with him about a year ago when i first got into detecting but in not for sure
  5. the russford.com site was pretty informative as well as some good stories! spent a few hours on there reading up. also that setup runs on just battery? like car? and how long do they take to charge?
  6. about a buckets worth of sands is what i have currently. i havent been out too much the past little bit since college started back up
  7. sorry havent used it for nugget shooting (though i dont have much experience with shooting with my detector either....)
  8. so i have a Garrett ProPointer. Is that able to detect nuggets? i havent used it, but i wont even bother with it if it doesnt have that feature
  9. cool ill need to do some searching and some books to buy! i have a bunch on gold and gold recovery as well as one on rock hounding (though i havent quite gotten into that yet as the gold and metal detecting bugs have gotten me pretty good). I have lots of research ahead of me ha. But when searching is it better to use the metal detector in the desert? or would it be better to just spot them when walking around? i have seen a couple videos and i never get a for sure answer. i guess it wouldnt hurt to have the detector with me when searching anyway ha
  10. what about the xterra 705? im assuming iron as well. can meteorites come in different metals as well?
  11. Hey thanks Bill! I always am thankful for those who are willing to help a beginner out. Its nice to have someone to talk with on this as not many people share the same interests. Serious prospectors and detectorists are hard to come by. I am excited to meet all of the folk out there that share my same insanity its hard to come by people who really enjoy hunting. Thanks again!
  12. Ill have to check that out! that table seems like an interesting idea and would like to look into it. try all my options
  13. ah i wish i would have known about this one earlier! i would have made plans for a road trip! well at least it is an annual thing so i think ill make it next year. though in the meantime ill be able to hone some skills so im not completely clueless!
  14. Hey thanks ill try and get in touch with bill and see what he has to say!
  15. now that is a good start, though i dont have enough gold to give me a reading to know what the sounds are like when detecting. know of any videos that explain the use of the 705 out in the field for gold? i see lots of them out for coin and treasure, but not enough for gold
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