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    Vietnam K-9 Handler, hunting & fishing, polishing rocks.
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  1. Anyone in the market for a 5000....send me a message.
  2. I want you guys to know that the more I think about asking for a place to go...I now understand that no one that lives down here is going to tell me much. Thank you to the people who have responded. Going out to the hills in a few, haven't seen any snakes. K9
  3. Hi everyone! When out to El Rodeo Rd yesterday and found lots of garbage, very beautiful. K9
  4. Thanks everyone! Do I need snake boots or are regular rubber boots good enough?? I was going to stop at Cabela's and buy a pair. Anyway...I want to thank everyone for helping me out! Just got a i phone 5 so I can stay in touch, I've never had a cell; just like having a computer in your pocket. Leaving in about a hour! k9
  5. Thanks a lot for the information Bucket! If I find a nugget, I'll post here...leaving in the morning. k9
  6. Driving down to Bullhead Arizona and will be staying with friends. Is there someone here that can tell me which way to go with my 5000, can hike anywhere with my two new hips! k9
  7. Jim, I'm new around here, I had my left hip done on January 3, 2011 & right one done on Oct. 26, 2011. I'm doing very well and I hope you have the same out come! k9
  8. Mike, Thank you very much! Need to order the 5000 so I have something to do, I really want to come down south next winter and find a nugget or two k9
  9. I was thinking about buying a 5000, even called Bill two times yesterday, but no one home... if they can't send you a new one; that makes me a little gun shy. k9
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