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  1. Thanks guys. At the rate we are going we may be the last generation to be out metal detecting. I don't think there is going to be a fleet of electric cars going out to drop us off at the gold patches. I'm getting my trips in before they start calculating my carbon footprint. When they do they'll ground me for life and I'll leave a deficit for my family. They'll be begging for forgiveness their entire lives while they look at the nuggets and jewelry I've left them. Actually, they'll have to sell it all to pay their expenses here. Mitchel
  2. This past weekend I took another trip to Rye Patch. About half the time I go I don't find any nuggets but this time I found two! One was my biggest (ever?) in a long time at over 2 grams. I've been going there since 2011 and it certainly isn't easier now. The larger nugget was found on Friday the 13th. Those are early morning (sunrise) shadows. The smaller nugget was found on Monday after some 'side' trips to Winnemucca, Elko, Tuscarora and Charleston. Mitchel
  3. http://www.mohavedailynews.com/news/judge-rules-accused-killer-is-not-competent-for-trial/article_5c8686c0-b0fd-11e9-aff6-bfc8b1ba3cd4.html
  4. Monica, Dave has steered you to a good place to be on these forums. Bill's videos will let you know some of the places where he hunts and you can hunt the same types of places or you can just try a hunch. Over the years many thousands of people have come and gone and many of them have lost something or left it behind. I don't know your area on the Kern River but I'm sure there are lots of articles at the library in the old newspapers. There are some good links here and YouTubes on how to research your local spots. In some ways this is just like one of those new sales jobs we've all had a crack at. They tell you to make a list of all your family and friends and ask them if they want to buy that candy your kid is selling. Make a list of family and friends and ask them if you can detect their property or if they know a good place to go. Good luck and come back and post some pics of those gold coins you find. If you get down to Santa Monica I can give you some beach pointers. Mitchel
  5. I'll order a large and a small shirt Bill. I really like your hat. Do you have a toddler size shirt?
  6. I went out on a Southern California beach early this morning on a low tide and found this necklace. I believe the Bear is made out of soapstone. But it is two pieces sandwiched together as you can see the glue bond. It is strung together with a wire that is soldered at the clasp. Each of the parts is unique but the pukas have been shaped from a material that has ridges on one side and is smooth on the other. I'm not certain of my materials but I do believe the little pieces of turquoise to be real. I don't think it is real valuable but I'm interested in its origin. Mitchel
  7. Has this video with Chris Ralph been posted on this thread already?
  8. Your several nuggets video.

    Jeff McClendon said on Steve's forum:

    Bill is a great prospector with a detector and super friendly. Boy, he loves the desert. I like to watch his videos for his prospecting tips and nature narratives too.

    He was in Gold 1 with a little low end discrimination from what he said (probably -9, -8, and -7 for some of the hot rocks) with sensitivity on 18 and he was using tracking ground balance.  On shallow sedimentary and volcanic bedrock which is intermingled, tracking ground balance is a good idea. The 6" coil in Gold 1 and Gold 2 multi is a beast!!!!


    Were these your settings?

  9. Fred, the results ... it is still gold he found in addition to the rock!
  10. The 'latest' part of the first story of a guy finding a nugget walking his dog is that he found it on private property! It seems that there is a housing development going up near where he lives. They had been digging streets and foundations, etc and he was in the construction area when he found it. This would not be public land. He would still need a Miners Right so the chances of him keeping it now are slim. If you put it in your pocket and don't say anything your ability to keep it is much greater for him.
  11. Here is a map of where he could have found that nugget! http://www.prospectinglocations.com/regions.php?id=211
  12. Hi guys, I was in Bendigo that day and have been in the area for over a week now. They allow people to hunt for gold in their parks. Bendigo is a pretty big city and it is like having LSD as part of the greater city. They don't turn their parks into Monuments, National Recreation areas or State Parks which make them off limits to detecting. There is a follow up to that story. When you are in Australia prospecting in the parks or the forests (there is a difference) you need what is called a Miner's Right to keep the gold you find. There is some 'question' if you need to be looking for it or just take it if you weren't looking. The story now goes that they little girl who found the nugget and her dad did not have a Miner's Right (license) which only costs $20 for 10 years. It is unknown what is going to happen to them or the nugget based upon the law. On another story, about the same day up in Wedderburn which is northwest of Bendigo some was walking and found a 7.5 oz nugget. They didn't take it to the papers and they don't have the problem with a Miner's Right! I have a Miner's Right but I only have a couple of little nuggets which total to about 1g. I wish I had their problems! Mitchel
  13. Wow! I see the prayers worked without mine as I didn't know anything. I'll send along a few prayers now that he stays in touch with the doctors and feels better than he has in months! The rest of us need to learn from this also. Don't ignore symptoms. Mitchel
  14. Well done, a 10 nugget weekend. Why aren't you still on that 'spot?' Mitchel
  15. I have mine wrapped in string, something like a macrame cord and then you can cut it to your length but I always keep it in a pouch in the Minelab pouch. I've never broken one but I have found a ferrite ring at Gold Basin so I have two!
  16. Hey Doc, how about a padded arm cuff for the Equinox? The one supplied has a cheap rubber padding that comes off. Please send me a demo for testing. Mitchel
  17. I was out at Gold Basin for the last couple of weekends and wondered about this case. http://www.mohavedailynews.com/search/?sd=desc&l=25&sort=relevance&f=html&t=article%2Cvideo%2Cyoutube%2Ccollection&app=editorial&nsa=eedition&q=Victor+Steven+Empie http://www.mohavedailynews.com/news/prosecution-granted-access-to-empie-s-mental-health-records/article_31a157cc-f9ed-11e8-8a7b-47fe1efabfb3.html
  18. Craig, I got the same answers you got when I started nugget detecting in 2010. I thought I could pick up the GPAA book and just go out to a claim and find gold. It took me almost a year for that first nugget and sometimes I feel like I'm starting over again. I was finding lots of bullets and getting lots of trash in Arizona and California. My dealer was in Prescott and I didn't really get a good training. My ideas were not good ones for finding nuggets. Later I became fortunate when I started looking for meteorites. I was with people who were giving me good advice and gold just happened to be there also. That is the first thing I'd do over again. I'd go out with someone, even if I had to pay them and have them show me where they were finding gold. The videos now are a great help. I wasn't looking at them at the time. Your Gold Monster will find the gold if you are on it. That is the second point and perhaps 3rd and 4th as well. If you want your first gold and it doesn't have to be 'big' then swing where others have been swinging before and you will get a nugget or two that others have missed. Make a 5ftx5ft square around a dig hole and grid it slowly. Dig every faint signal and you will be surprised the trash and nuggets that were missed. Our old timers do it and if you read most of the posts on the forum here that is what others do. They go back over diggings they detected weeks, months and years ago. Mitchel
  19. Here is the link that Fred was talking about. http://www.prospectorsclub.org/ We get out as a group to hunt every couple of months and many of us are members of other clubs as well. We have a meeting in Downey every 3rd Friday of the month. We have junior and senior panning contests, speakers and each week we show our 'Finds of the Month' which includes gold nuggets. Some of the nugget hunters have a lot of experience in Barstow, The Dale and Big Bear to name a few locations. Mitchel
  20. I had one break on my 5000 years ago and I made a temporary handle out of PVC from Home Depot. It worked pretty good. This one is much better. Mitchel
  21. I have not been to England. That would be a bucket list trip. There are some things about that trip that would be 'better' because you don't have to do any research. You go where they take you and you do the best you can on the fields you are working. You don't really have an option like in Victoria.
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