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  1. I didn't have the message just now! Thanks Skip.
  2. Thanks Skip and Old T. I don't know when I can get a chance to gold hunt again. There are a couple of little ones running around here that need constant attention. Mitchel
  3. I had the message when I logged on just now.
  4. Skip In order for me to login I had to ignore and override a message that said this website was unsafe. It said something about the certificate being with Invisionzone. This happened yesterday as well. Just an FYI.
  5. A couple of weeks ago I went up to Sierra City. I went to an area that was very, very dry and they had been cutting some timber. That was all long gone but as I began to dig a couple of dig holes I was 'approached' by yellow jackets. At first they just went to the bottom of the dig holes. Then they started landing on my arms. I didn't have any repellent and I tried to keep detecting. Eventually they were getting behind my sunglasses and that was as much as I could take. One stung me on my wrist and another one under my arm. There was no where I could hunt over about a square mile area
  6. I lost a Bunk's small pick years ago on Bunk's claim in Gold Basin ... haha
  7. That was a nice piece. If that was me who said they walked 8 miles everyone would say I walked too far. How many miles did you walk after you found that piece? Mitchel
  8. Ok Clay, thanks. I had looked at the file and seen the dates but could not see any additional details on the BLM. When I went to Pershing County to see documents online it gave me the county menu rather than take me to the recording office directly as I had seen on your links before. I'll have to try again.
  10. Oh my Goodness! What a great story you have here. Someone should take this and pay you to put it in their magazine. Great job. Mitchel
  11. I followed some claim filings in northern Nevada. Lode claims had been filed on the land on a certain date. Several were filed adjacent to each other with adjoining borders. These load claims were sold and the claim filed by the new owners was a placer claim but it used the date of the load claim as the date of discovery. Is that a valid transfer? I know of another instance of a claim in southern California where 'partners' were in dispute over an unclaimed parcel and one filed a placer claim and the other filed a lode claim. They were told by attorneys that if they went to court the
  12. I attended several lectures at UCLA and John was always there. Here is an article about his life. https://newsroom.ucla.edu/stories/in-memoriam-john-wasson-cosmochemist-and-co-creator-the-ucla-meteorite-collection
  13. A 'hot rock' is quite different than HOT QUARTZ!
  14. Walt, what are you doing sleeping? You should have been up all night looking for more! Good nuggie.
  15. Well folks, I would edit the post but I can't. It is fake! I went to my local gold store to make sure it was gold and 18k and they told me it was a fake. It is nickel and copper and not real. All that glitters is not gold. I'll go to the store before I post something like this next time. Mitchel
  16. Last night I was using the V 3.0 update and the 800/15 on the beach. I came across an ordinary signal but got an extraordinary result. What I saw in my scoop was a balled up 24" chain that is labeled 18k. It is 32.57 grams.
  17. I have updated my Equinox 800 a couple of weeks ago. (This unit is a replacement of the original I bought from Bill. It was replaced because of a bad switch.) I think it is more stable in the sound in Multi than before on the beach. Has anyone used the 3.0 to find nuggets? Do you notice any difference? I think there is the potential that nuggets could bang out a little harder. My targets in Beach 1 are more clear. They sound like Park 1 targets did in the dry sand. I'm anxious to go nugget hunting with this update. Mitchel
  18. Your 'story' is now in the ICMJ issue written by Ray Mills!
  19. What 'characteristics' of a meteorite were you referring to? What makes you think of meteorite when you see this rock?
  20. You'll see your trends as never before! Plot your nugget finds on a map and then go above the area with the drone. Mitchel
  21. I got a fireworks display in my scoop on July 5th when I found a 6g diamond cluster ring and a few other things.
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