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  1. The two .7g nuggets at the top of the scale were at 7-8 inches. The little .12g nugget was about 5 inches. Those 3 were found on the first afternoon after my 10 hours of driving. The next day the 1.5g was in rock at about 6" and the final nugget on the next day at the bottom was just a scrape or two down at 3-4 inches.
  2. I've had the time to make a couple of Rye Patch trips. I did some swinging and some exploring. All of these nuggets came from near the burn barrel so no one got it all! These are from my last trip. This was the total of two trips. Just shy of 1/4 oz.
  3. Well, that's showing us you don't need a gold mode! Very nice collection of little nuggets there.
  4. Where it stops ... nobody knows (some have a clue) but check the cracks just in case it didn't make it out!
  5. Thanks guys. At the rate we are going we may be the last generation to be out metal detecting. I don't think there is going to be a fleet of electric cars going out to drop us off at the gold patches. I'm getting my trips in before they start calculating my carbon footprint. When they do they'll ground me for life and I'll leave a deficit for my family. They'll be begging for forgiveness their entire lives while they look at the nuggets and jewelry I've left them. Actually, they'll have to sell it all to pay their expenses here. Mitchel
  6. This past weekend I took another trip to Rye Patch. About half the time I go I don't find any nuggets but this time I found two! One was my biggest (ever?) in a long time at over 2 grams. I've been going there since 2011 and it certainly isn't easier now. The larger nugget was found on Friday the 13th. Those are early morning (sunrise) shadows. The smaller nugget was found on Monday after some 'side' trips to Winnemucca, Elko, Tuscarora and Charleston. Mitchel
  7. http://www.mohavedailynews.com/news/judge-rules-accused-killer-is-not-competent-for-trial/article_5c8686c0-b0fd-11e9-aff6-bfc8b1ba3cd4.html
  8. Monica, Dave has steered you to a good place to be on these forums. Bill's videos will let you know some of the places where he hunts and you can hunt the same types of places or you can just try a hunch. Over the years many thousands of people have come and gone and many of them have lost something or left it behind. I don't know your area on the Kern River but I'm sure there are lots of articles at the library in the old newspapers. There are some good links here and YouTubes on how to research your local spots. In some ways this is just like one of those new sales jobs we've all had a crack at. They tell you to make a list of all your family and friends and ask them if they want to buy that candy your kid is selling. Make a list of family and friends and ask them if you can detect their property or if they know a good place to go. Good luck and come back and post some pics of those gold coins you find. If you get down to Santa Monica I can give you some beach pointers. Mitchel
  9. I'll order a large and a small shirt Bill. I really like your hat. Do you have a toddler size shirt?
  10. I went out on a Southern California beach early this morning on a low tide and found this necklace. I believe the Bear is made out of soapstone. But it is two pieces sandwiched together as you can see the glue bond. It is strung together with a wire that is soldered at the clasp. Each of the parts is unique but the pukas have been shaped from a material that has ridges on one side and is smooth on the other. I'm not certain of my materials but I do believe the little pieces of turquoise to be real. I don't think it is real valuable but I'm interested in its origin. Mitchel
  11. Has this video with Chris Ralph been posted on this thread already?
  12. Your several nuggets video.

    Jeff McClendon said on Steve's forum:

    Bill is a great prospector with a detector and super friendly. Boy, he loves the desert. I like to watch his videos for his prospecting tips and nature narratives too.

    He was in Gold 1 with a little low end discrimination from what he said (probably -9, -8, and -7 for some of the hot rocks) with sensitivity on 18 and he was using tracking ground balance.  On shallow sedimentary and volcanic bedrock which is intermingled, tracking ground balance is a good idea. The 6" coil in Gold 1 and Gold 2 multi is a beast!!!!


    Were these your settings?

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