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  1. I took off to go look for pieces but I ended up in the wrong location around South Tahoe and then I left there and went to Northern Nevada for the first time. About 3 days later I went to the park and there were people then running all over the place with metal detectors. But that is not why I'm here. I thought this thread was about 'Where Did Gold Come From' and I have a story about a guy who wrote a book about the source in Western Australia. This 'where it came from' has to do with being able to have a profitable mine so you need to know where it is. This guy found it when others m
  2. I would like to look at that PBS documentary online but I can't find it. American Experience: The Gold Rush by Randall MacLowry
  3. Some of you may have worked at Mineral Park but here is a good little story about the area in Mohave County. https://kdminer.com/news/2021/feb/06/mohave-county-geology-concentrate/
  4. I didn't have the message just now! Thanks Skip.
  5. Thanks Skip and Old T. I don't know when I can get a chance to gold hunt again. There are a couple of little ones running around here that need constant attention. Mitchel
  6. I had the message when I logged on just now.
  7. Skip In order for me to login I had to ignore and override a message that said this website was unsafe. It said something about the certificate being with Invisionzone. This happened yesterday as well. Just an FYI.
  8. A couple of weeks ago I went up to Sierra City. I went to an area that was very, very dry and they had been cutting some timber. That was all long gone but as I began to dig a couple of dig holes I was 'approached' by yellow jackets. At first they just went to the bottom of the dig holes. Then they started landing on my arms. I didn't have any repellent and I tried to keep detecting. Eventually they were getting behind my sunglasses and that was as much as I could take. One stung me on my wrist and another one under my arm. There was no where I could hunt over about a square mile area
  9. I lost a Bunk's small pick years ago on Bunk's claim in Gold Basin ... haha
  10. That was a nice piece. If that was me who said they walked 8 miles everyone would say I walked too far. How many miles did you walk after you found that piece? Mitchel
  11. Ok Clay, thanks. I had looked at the file and seen the dates but could not see any additional details on the BLM. When I went to Pershing County to see documents online it gave me the county menu rather than take me to the recording office directly as I had seen on your links before. I'll have to try again.
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