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  1. A couple of weeks ago I went up to Sierra City. I went to an area that was very, very dry and they had been cutting some timber. That was all long gone but as I began to dig a couple of dig holes I was 'approached' by yellow jackets. At first they just went to the bottom of the dig holes. Then they started landing on my arms. I didn't have any repellent and I tried to keep detecting. Eventually they were getting behind my sunglasses and that was as much as I could take. One stung me on my wrist and another one under my arm. There was no where I could hunt over about a square mile area
  2. I lost a Bunk's small pick years ago on Bunk's claim in Gold Basin ... haha
  3. That was a nice piece. If that was me who said they walked 8 miles everyone would say I walked too far. How many miles did you walk after you found that piece? Mitchel
  4. Ok Clay, thanks. I had looked at the file and seen the dates but could not see any additional details on the BLM. When I went to Pershing County to see documents online it gave me the county menu rather than take me to the recording office directly as I had seen on your links before. I'll have to try again.
  6. Oh my Goodness! What a great story you have here. Someone should take this and pay you to put it in their magazine. Great job. Mitchel
  7. I followed some claim filings in northern Nevada. Lode claims had been filed on the land on a certain date. Several were filed adjacent to each other with adjoining borders. These load claims were sold and the claim filed by the new owners was a placer claim but it used the date of the load claim as the date of discovery. Is that a valid transfer? I know of another instance of a claim in southern California where 'partners' were in dispute over an unclaimed parcel and one filed a placer claim and the other filed a lode claim. They were told by attorneys that if they went to court the
  8. I attended several lectures at UCLA and John was always there. Here is an article about his life. https://newsroom.ucla.edu/stories/in-memoriam-john-wasson-cosmochemist-and-co-creator-the-ucla-meteorite-collection
  9. A 'hot rock' is quite different than HOT QUARTZ!
  10. Walt, what are you doing sleeping? You should have been up all night looking for more! Good nuggie.
  11. Well folks, I would edit the post but I can't. It is fake! I went to my local gold store to make sure it was gold and 18k and they told me it was a fake. It is nickel and copper and not real. All that glitters is not gold. I'll go to the store before I post something like this next time. Mitchel
  12. Last night I was using the V 3.0 update and the 800/15 on the beach. I came across an ordinary signal but got an extraordinary result. What I saw in my scoop was a balled up 24" chain that is labeled 18k. It is 32.57 grams.
  13. I have updated my Equinox 800 a couple of weeks ago. (This unit is a replacement of the original I bought from Bill. It was replaced because of a bad switch.) I think it is more stable in the sound in Multi than before on the beach. Has anyone used the 3.0 to find nuggets? Do you notice any difference? I think there is the potential that nuggets could bang out a little harder. My targets in Beach 1 are more clear. They sound like Park 1 targets did in the dry sand. I'm anxious to go nugget hunting with this update. Mitchel
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