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  1. Craig, I got the same answers you got when I started nugget detecting in 2010. I thought I could pick up the GPAA book and just go out to a claim and find gold. It took me almost a year for that first nugget and sometimes I feel like I'm starting over again. I was finding lots of bullets and getting lots of trash in Arizona and California. My dealer was in Prescott and I didn't really get a good training. My ideas were not good ones for finding nuggets. Later I became fortunate when I started looking for meteorites. I was with people who were giving me good advice and gold just happened to be there also. That is the first thing I'd do over again. I'd go out with someone, even if I had to pay them and have them show me where they were finding gold. The videos now are a great help. I wasn't looking at them at the time. Your Gold Monster will find the gold if you are on it. That is the second point and perhaps 3rd and 4th as well. If you want your first gold and it doesn't have to be 'big' then swing where others have been swinging before and you will get a nugget or two that others have missed. Make a 5ftx5ft square around a dig hole and grid it slowly. Dig every faint signal and you will be surprised the trash and nuggets that were missed. Our old timers do it and if you read most of the posts on the forum here that is what others do. They go back over diggings they detected weeks, months and years ago. Mitchel
  2. Here is the link that Fred was talking about. http://www.prospectorsclub.org/ We get out as a group to hunt every couple of months and many of us are members of other clubs as well. We have a meeting in Downey every 3rd Friday of the month. We have junior and senior panning contests, speakers and each week we show our 'Finds of the Month' which includes gold nuggets. Some of the nugget hunters have a lot of experience in Barstow, The Dale and Big Bear to name a few locations. Mitchel
  3. I had one break on my 5000 years ago and I made a temporary handle out of PVC from Home Depot. It worked pretty good. This one is much better. Mitchel
  4. I have not been to England. That would be a bucket list trip. There are some things about that trip that would be 'better' because you don't have to do any research. You go where they take you and you do the best you can on the fields you are working. You don't really have an option like in Victoria.
  5. It's in the chase. Just like going to England.
  6. I'm just reading this thread. Lu and I are saddened by the event and hope any pain John has is lessened by the brace. Our brief encounters with him and Jane were always a delight out on Tom Wells Road. Lu and Mitchel
  7. We've had wind and we've had rain in sunny southern California. It has supplied enough energy to move some targets up for my Equinox 800 from Bill. I wish one of them was gold but that was last month. There is a half ounce silver ring there and a silver amber ring. The others just are 'rings!' I'm still hoping to get more. Mitchel
  8. I've bought a ticket (rt to Melbourne) to go hunt for nuggets in the Golden Triangle for 3 weeks in May. I'll stay my entire time in Victoria and may also hit some beaches. If you have any suggestions for me please let me know. Mitchel
  9. Chris, Good to see you. Are you still after the meteorites? Mitchel
  10. Thanks Adam. It's a shirt I'll wear often. Mitchel
  11. I don't know if that means any are left. Large, short Mitchel
  12. WTG Dave. Did you get meteorites too? I'm a bit fond of the area and so was Montana as this was near where he found his first nuggets. Mitchel
  13. Clues are important. They have meaning to you and perhaps not to someone else. It doesn't matter if you are seeking gold, meteorites or relics. Our best detectorists see more clues than the rest of us. Mitchel
  14. Thanks Bill. You and the forum members have provided a great service to us all. Good fortunes in 2019. Mitchel
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