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  1. wk, Have you held a meteorite with a fusion crust? Fusion crust looks quite different than the piece you have shown here. It would not cover an entire piece in most cases. What part of Florida did you find it? If you are near the Space Coast you may have found metal debris but it doesn't look like a meteorite. Mitchel
  2. That be the GOOD stuff. Thanks for the pics. I've got a couple of boys I hope to get out detecting in a few years. I hope they enjoy it. Mitchel
  3. I have spoken with Dr. Alan Rubin and UCLA no longer accepts suspected meteorites. It seems that upon expert analysis in some cases they say that the sample in question is not a meteorite. The 'client' (unsolicited sender) has declared UCLA wrong and have not accepted their findings. It has turned into more than just verbal or email battles in some cases. UCLA and Dr. Rubin don't need this type of grief. Everyone always wants their meteor wrong back and there is no provision for that or agreement what to do about a meteorite. It was simpler in the past when people were willing to give UC
  4. Cavanaugh This cross was found on a sandy beach in Santa Monica Bay. It has the partial 'sense' of something hand made in Mexico but it is not with Spanish/Indian design. I would guess now that it may have been a cross purchased in Ethiopia and brought here or it was made there and purchased by someone here. I don't really get the impression it was wave/surf tossed for a number of years. The 'eye' for the chain was packed with sand but it wasn't solid. I cleaned it with just a bit of vinegar before I took the pictures. I don't know how to continue to look back at the story of it. M
  5. I found out today that this cross is 75% copper. The Nox was right.
  6. Someone has told me it is an Ethiopian Christian silver cross but they must have held back on the silver! haha At least that is what an image search found when looking at the pattern on the front.
  7. I use aluminum foil and baking soda to clean silver without rubbing. You can find many ways on the net. Sometimes I use hot water and vinegar when cleaning silver rings that have come out of the ocean. Coins be hurt in their value by rubbing or adding additional scratches. I tumble clad coins and some 'common' silver. Other coins look better to me if I leave the patina such as some copper coins.
  8. I found a cross early this morning on a Southern California beach. It weighs 21.9 grams. It doesn't feel that heavy. It is slightly magnetic to a super magnet but you can't pick it up. It appears to have been made with a single pour. There are a couple of flaws on the back and it may have been 'touched up' after the pour. One end has a bit of corrosion and I get the impression of red staining (the camera makes it look more red) but also some green. There is also some green corrosion on the end and maybe that goes along with the detecting number of 21 on the Nox 800 which means copper.
  9. I have no reason to return to an earlier version of the software.
  10. There is a pattern out there. About 2 years ago ... maybe 3 Mike developed a pattern and he found multiple gold nuggets over an ounce out there that had been hidden from all others in the years before. Next time you are out there stop by and see Estrel and he can show you by picture some really nice stuff found out there in the last 5 years.
  11. Gold Basin is pretty nice in all weather conditions except still and 105+ I've been there in snow and rain and hunted at night. Clark, you made it look easy when you first started going to the basin. Now you know how we feel. I've taken the 6 hour ride from Santa Monica to get there at dawn and detect all day many times. Many of those times was without a nugget. If I remember correctly the largest nugget I've found there has been 5g but I've seen many much larger. Today while I was on the beach I thought of GB and Doc (look at his videos) and the statement 'Gold is where you fin
  12. You only find meteorites where the heliochopters are ... haha Go west young man.
  13. (Kitco News) - The 10-year yield has climbed to 1.56% Friday morning, but can rise to as high as 1.7% before the Federal Reserve steps in to intervene, said Peter Hug, global trading director of Kitco Metals. "At 1.5%, 1.6%, [the 10-year yield] is basically where it was just pre-COVID. It look like we're going to start opening the economy in certain states. If it gets north of 1.75%, I think [Fed Chair Jerome Powell] is going to change his tune. He may create something within the Fed's toolbox to cap those rates," Hug said. "The last thing he needs right now is the 30-year to be north of
  14. I took off to go look for pieces but I ended up in the wrong location around South Tahoe and then I left there and went to Northern Nevada for the first time. About 3 days later I went to the park and there were people then running all over the place with metal detectors. But that is not why I'm here. I thought this thread was about 'Where Did Gold Come From' and I have a story about a guy who wrote a book about the source in Western Australia. This 'where it came from' has to do with being able to have a profitable mine so you need to know where it is. This guy found it when others m
  15. I would like to look at that PBS documentary online but I can't find it. American Experience: The Gold Rush by Randall MacLowry
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