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  1. Thank you Mike. This video explains a lot about all of the NWAs. It is my further understanding that meteorites from many of these other countries cannot legally be traded so there is a certain amount of information that is lost about the area where the meteorite was found. Years ago in Tucson I saw dealers there with big boxes of meteorites and like the French dealer stated some of them had a very reasonable price because the dealers needed cash flow.
  2. I know a story exactly like that 'too loud' to be a nugget story that happened in The Dale to Martin. Joe found it and Martin still tells that story.
  3. Bill, Big is a subjective term. How BIG is it? Mitchel
  4. Those are some great pictures. If I was still prospecting I would consider that or a new 4Runner but with two kids and some long trips planned I have to put this on my 'want' list!
  5. Frankie ... Happy Birthday! You are 4 months ahead of me in the birthday column. Glad to see your posts recently and hope you are feeling better and better. Mitchel
  6. Did it make your hand feel good? haha
  7. You meant dirty ring vs clean ring right? Nice piece of gold too!
  8. When you talk about this area you can include Sawtooth and some of the nuggets found around there. Nurse Paul found a nice nugget around there near the old cars.
  9. I met him one time. Many knew him well. He handed us some crystals. Now he had many, many gold stories too. He pointed in a direction of some mountains to the north and said that was where the BIG nuggets had been found. That would be North of the Eugenes. When was the last time anyone heard about him? Slim knows a lot about that area up there too. We visited with him in his old RV.
  10. Max, I made a few trips up there and researched the south side of the 80 prospects but never made it there. I stopped in Mill City/Imlay area one Sunday and met a guy who has old cars in a warehouse there. He told me about a lot of big gold finds from the past. The guy you are talking about who got all the crystals was kicked out of the Rye Patch area and he was in the Eugenes as of 4 years or so ago. His health was failing so I don't know. I'd sure like to know more of your stories and where gold was found up in that area. Most of it will never be recorded. Mitchel
  11. Amazing Wild West Photos By Brian Delpozo Prospectors Source: Getty Images ADVERTISEMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW A group of Gold Rush prospectors pose with their equipment and a horse before they go out in search of riches. This photo was taken in 1867 in the Northwest U.S. The California Gold Rush of 1848-1855 led to the settlement of the state in 1850 and was a considerable cause for millions to seek fortune out west.
  12. I need to take the ring to more than one jeweler to get a better idea. My idea now is to take it to a mall 'Fast Fix' place and have them give me an opinion. At least they will give an inflated value based upon getting some business out of it like to secure the setting which is at a bit of a tilt. I don't think it was set that way. I've read that this is supposed to be very, very hard but I see some surface imperfections when I look at it with a loop. Some of them appear to be under the surface also. I really don't know what I'm looking at. Maybe I can send a picture to an online jeweler?
  13. In my experience ALL jewelers low ball and many don't tell the whole truth. There is a difference between 'value' and what would you pay for it which would be the pawn shop price. Let's face it we all want to acquire things for less than their value. I went to the jeweler on a recommendation because he was there and had been in business for almost 50 years. He is actually a watch guy and has learned the other stuff it seems. He looked at two rings I brought him and I asked him which one he thought was more valuable. He said the sapphire. This was after he told me that the sapphire was man made 'because it was opaque' at the base and not like the other translucent sapphires he showed me in his shop. It was his way of telling that all star sapphires are man made or synthetic. I don't know and I'll ask Google. The setting on this ring is 14k but I don't have a gun shot of it.
  14. Here is a good article about how to take advantage of the California drought. https://kernvalleysun.com/stories/606473877-finding-treasure-in-the-drought
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