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  1. Fred's Memorial Zoom is in 2.5 hours.
  2. I was telling DAVE that I would claim YOUR Gps. haha
  3. Dave, I'll claim the GPS as mine. I just can't remember where and when I lost it. Mitchel
  4. There will be a memorial for Fred on Zoom, May 23rd @ 3:00 P.M. Pacific Standard time. Topic Memorial Zoom for Fred Mason Meeting ID # 723 9037 3254 Password # 5xJyyV
  5. Guilty plea ... http://www.mohavedailynews.com/news/empie-pleads-guilty-in-2016-meadview-murder/article_caba4722-89dc-11ea-833e-b7ddd73fd780.html
  6. That's some really nice gold and artifacts. I hunted that old road and some of the old subdivision there years ago. I guess I just didn't know where to look. There was a lot of trash where all the building once were. You had to avoid the big potholes in the old road. On another trip between Goldfield and Tonopah there is a mineral area that is marked with a sign. It was or is an area where there are large pieces of agate (not fire) but they would make a lot of cabs out of it.
  7. I've got no idea what I'm looking at because my computer screen doesn't have the resolution needed to see and 'feel' the details you are describing. If you have looked at the metbul site then you know what it takes for a meteorite to get classified. Once classified it is then is named based upon its location when found. You would be listed as the discoverer. Then it has value. There are quite a few dealers on the web. Take your best pictures and send it to them. If they make you an offer then they think it is real.
  8. How much do any of the 'meteorites' here (on this thread) resemble real meteorites listed here http://www.tucsonmeteorites.com/TMA.asp?QQ=! ???? It might help if you think you have a meteorite to show it to a meteorite dealer and see how much they will offer you.
  9. Have you looked at this: https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/
  10. I've been to Franconia many times and this is some of what I learned about access. Going over the tracks has really not been an 'issue' to me when I've gone to the Wilderness Area parking. I get over and go back to almost Franconia Road and then turn North. You can make the first turn and to to the parking area or you can keep to the left and go along the western edge of the circled area on Frank's map. There are still meteorites out there. On a couple of occasions I have seen a Railroad Guard. One time I talked with one and he told me that there had been some thefts so they watched it closely. The RR right of way is actually quite narrow so you can go down the wash and they don't care. If you are on their improvements and riding along next to the track they can give you a ticket and fine. This is authorized by law. If you go up to the subdivision where Roger made the street signs this seems to be the greatest chance for a ticket. If you go to the west as I described it gives you access to the old town and seems to be the only way even tho you are on the gravel bed of the tracks. You can drive up the wash and get across the tracks by walking over the tracks or drive on further and go under the culverts that were mentioned. Personally this has scared me on solo trips because of the sand. Do not attempt it without 4WD. The road was better years ago than it is now. I've found many meteorites on the North side of the tracks. Most of them are small irons that were 'blown in the winds' at the time. I've never found a meteorite on the South side but I have found a couple of pieces of gold. Montana found his first gold over there also. Mitchel
  11. Let us know when The Day happens. Don't wait too long.
  12. Maybe we can help you find a meteorite. Where are you 'walking your dog' so that you would have found these pieces? We can tell you if a known meteorite has fallen near you and you can look near it for more pieces.
  13. There have to be some military data collectors out there that could show more than we see now.
  14. Who are you? What is your background? This didn't jump out at me when I was skimming all the stuff and comments. Did you put up a bio? Are there any other forum members you have met?
  15. I would think it would be cooler at Shep's place. You might be able to find a nugget or two he lost in his yard.
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