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  1. On my way to Rye Patch last Thursday morning about 1:17 AM I was on 395 and observed a meteor or 'fireball event' that was just incredible. I now see that there is a video that does not do it justice. Before I put a link to that video and those reports let me tell you what I saw and how I reported it. This is what I saw: About 20 minutes north of Ridgecrest on 395 I had just gotten out of my car. As soon as I opened the door I could see it coming. It was several objects burning in the sky with 6-7 separate streaks. It was a dark night and no moon. It was perfectly clear where I was and I thought I was just looking at a huge screen TV. The height seemed to be that of a commercial jet but this was much larger. It didn't remind me so much of a meteor as it did space junk. I guess we'll find out more about that later. It was just a coincidence that I stop at this particular time and place. I probably would not have seen it or I would not have seen as much of it if I was still in the 4Runner. Most of my report is in the report itself. So, what do you do when you see an 'event' of your own? Well, I drove all night to go looking for some gold at Rye Patch so that is what I did. That night I had to sleep. The next night I had a chance to get on the computer and ask the question 'What was that?' Where do you go, what do you do online to report something? As it turns out you go to REPORT A FIREBALL at the American Meteor Society. https://www.amsmeteors.org/ When you get there you can click on Report a Fireball. You will get asked a series of questions to describe what you saw in a technical way that will let the software develop a map of the event as you and hopefully many others saw it. You can upload pictures and video. You can also search for events from all over the world. So, I reported and I didn't see my report with the others. As it turned out there is a pending report file and if you don't state it as they are compiling it then your report will not be added. I now knew my event number was 4094 so I edited my report and it was added to the 29 others and still counting. It was a very, very neat experience. The video now posted on YouTube is only 1/100th of what I saw. I had better than a front row seat. I was in the middle and there were no heads or clouds in my way! Here is the report link: https://www.amsmeteors.org/members/imo_view/event/2018/4094 Here is the video: https://www.amsmeteors.org/videos/?video_id=1445 Mitchel
  2. mn90403

    Proud of my finds

    Rick, Maybe you could be her first trainee? Mitchel
  3. mn90403

    Went North, there was cool air and GOLD

    Did you make a video of this hunt?
  4. mn90403

    Equinox 6" Coil Beach Hunt

    I returned to the last beach this morning just two days later and found a single dime! The beaches are fickle. Mitchel
  5. mn90403

    Equinox 6" Coil Beach Hunt

    I have been trying to sign in for a day now with my Google Chrome but it says 'page not responsive' so I am using Microsoft Edge. I need to 'reset' the browser. Now that I am here I wanted to post my picture for the 2 hour hunt yesterday with the EQ800/11. Mitchel
  6. mn90403

    Equinox 6" Coil Beach Hunt

    I got to another beach last night with the 11 inch coil and found 4 rings and almost $14!
  7. mn90403

    Equinox 6" Coil Beach Hunt

    Thanks Fred. This weekend I want to use it on the Hot Patch and any other place I can get on. Mitchel
  8. Last night I decided to use the 6" coil on the beach after my first usage in the desert on Saturday morning. Wow, was I surprised. I thought I'd go out for a short hunt at about 11:30 PM and be back in a couple of hours. It turned out to be a lot more fun than that. As soon as I got to the beach I knew the conditions were pretty good but this 6" coil has been burning a hole in my floor since I used it on Saturday looking for nuggets. I gave it one day of rest and then I had to go use it on the beach. My first target was a dime. It sounded good and it was down about 3 inches. Not bad I thought for the little coil and then I came across a lot of pennies. Often times I won't dig them but I wanted to know how deep the coil could see them so dig, dig, dig. I was finding pennies at 6-7 inches with no problem. I know because the diameter of my sand scoop is 6 inches like the coil. After many pennies I wanted to get to a different part of the beach so I skipped them for a bit. When I got to where I wanted to be someone was up on the blanket line with their detector. I hunted along the wet sand in Beach 1 all out (25). I started finding some quarters. I worked my way down the beach and I looked up and saw a guy 25-30 yards ahead of me coming in my direction. (I ignore this guy because he doesn't fill his holes.) I turn back away from him to work my little section and I get an 8 signal. I dig down about 7 inches and I see the rose colored ring in the scoop. ( I don't know what is in this ring.) The other guy has just walked past me so I drop it in my pouch so he can't see it. I swing around the find area and about 20 feet away I get a 3 ... it is the Michael Kors belt buckle ring. (Fun to find but not worth much.) All along I'm finding more quarters and the $1 coin. I walk down to a beach I call Ring Beach but nothing to be found. On the way back I hunt a newly exposed area near where I found the two rings. I get a signal that jumps between 12 and 14 but never staying on 13. It turns out to be a 14/20 Toe Ring. So, now I have 3 rings with the smallest coil I've ever used on the beach. Something is going right. Along the way I find a fine chain. There were a couple of the quarters I dug that had to be 9 inches deep. It was a fun first time on the beach with the 6 inch coil but it won't be the last time. Mitchel
  9. mn90403

    Equinox 800 and 6 incoil

    I hit a spot last night that could still have some gold but I didn't get it with this coil. The last two trips with the 7000 I didn't get any either. What I did get was more tiny pellets than any hunt I've ever been on. I have no doubt that if a nugget got under this coil last night it would light me up. Let me show you where I hunted and what I found.
  10. mn90403

    Equinox 800 and 6 incoil

    I got my coil and I'm going to an area 2 hours north of Los Angeles for a night hunt. It is over 100 during the day. I've already sealed it. Mitchel
  11. mn90403

    Odd Places

    Well ... sometimes you find gold where other people have not looked! Sometimes you find gold others missed. Other times you don't find gold. Do I have everything covered now? WTG Mitchel
  12. Here is a picture of a recent fall meteorite. Do you see anything on the 42 lb rock that would make you think of this? Also, if your rock was part of a meteorite fall then that fall would have a name which is closely associated with the location where it was found. Just as a 'for instance' Dolan Dave is showing us pictures of the Holbrook meteorites that he has found. You might have guessed these can be found near Holbrook. This helps establish provenance and value for most meteorites. It takes many years and for some a lifetime to be experts at meteorites. Ask one of the meteorite dealers in Tucson. Google 'Tucson Meteorite Dealers' and take your pick of who to call. Mitchel
  13. mn90403

    Turn That Phone OFF

    Some say turn it off. I say don't take it with you! If you have ever found one at the beach you will know how BIG the signal is from a cell phone. It can be down 2 feet. What pocket is not going to air test with a cell phone in it? Mitchel
  14. mn90403

    My First Gucci

    Conditions are good for visiting the beaches today. This is where a new 'supply' of lost items comes from both in the water and the blanket line. If you look closely in one of these pictures you will see a metal detectorist working his way around the people in his way!
  15. mn90403

    My First Gucci

    We have many minus tides over here without having a current. It depends on the pockets you detect. The waves right now are less than a foot. There is no sand moving to speak of. There is no cut. There are few targets and few detectorists. After that find the other night I found less than $1 in change on that beach and two others. I've lived here for 30 years (before that on Maui for 2 years and before that I grew up in North Florida with experience of East Coast and Gulf Beaches and strong rip currents in intercostal waterways) and my best days are after big waves, minus tides or no minus tides. One thing I will get with a minus tide that I don't get on a high tide is a chance to find a big gold or silver ring where it was lost by a swimmer. They are out playing in the surf and it comes off. I don't go out in the surf with my detector although I could now with this Nox. My problem would be digging it but I saw a guy a few years ago down in San Diego who made an art out of getting into the surf on a calm day and digging where it never gets dry. That is an area where there are fewer detectorists. I wait for waves to bring those items in to me. It is like a crab crawl. The waves and energy groups it together and when the beach (gold pan) separates the items then I go looking for the patches. I'll walk along and not find anything on either side of the patch but then I'll get quarters, rings and other things all in a group. The ring I found here was a one-off sunk deep into the muck. It was there from the ebb tide/second low tide area at the bottom of the hill ((the slope of the beach) to be specific about our conditions now. Just like the east coast you will see metal detectorists out after the big storms or high surf and sometimes I have found great jewelry in surf breaking high up on the beaches. You have to get it before it runs back down. We've stood in one place in some pockets 10-20 feet apart and we all got good things! Those are very rare days.