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  1. I'm not too sure this has a whole lot to do with prospecting but I image some where down the trail some one is going to tell me it does or could. So attached is a publication from 1919 about model making. Model Making - 1919.pdf Enjoy Cheers, Beers, & Gold Chuck KG6SYX
  2. The item posted Telegraphic Mining Code was a tumble on while I was looking for other information and its bit on the interesting side. The first several pages are black outs and it seems nearly all the older posting I have found from the late 19th and early 20th century are like that. After the black out pages there are ads which are fun to read thru and afterwards you get into the meat of the book. Telegraphic Mining Code - 1889.pdf Enjoy Cheers, Beers, & Gold Chuck KG6SYX
  3. The address below is to 9 training videos by Sprott Global Resource Investment titled Ore Deposits 101. These 9 part courses give an introduction to different ore deposit types in simple layman's terms. The web site notes there are 12 parts currently only 9 parts are posted. I have watched the first two videos and they are a little dry but loaded with some outstanding info. Who is Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd.? Sprott is a public natural resources investment management firm offering investments in precious metals, mining, oil and gas, alternative energy, forestry, agriculture, and/o
  4. It was mention that having a glossary would be nice here a link to the USGS Geologic Glossary simplified definitions. http://geomaps.wr.usgs.gov/parks/misc/glossarya.html
  5. I have posted pretty much everything I have found last year or so, there are others but the files are too big (40,569 KB). Cheers, Beers, & Gold Chuck CA Geological Survey Note 12.pdf CA Geological Survey Note 24.pdf Gold Deposits in Metamorphic Rocks Pat 1.pdf USDA San Bernardino Soil Survey 1978.pdf USGS Life Cycle of Mineral Deposits.pdf USGS Mining Claim Activity on Federal Land.pdf USGS Mercury Contamination From Historic CA Mines - 2000.pdf USGS Rare Earth Elements.pdf USGS Reveiw of samples trailing.pdf USGS Sediments Samples, tailing.pdf
  6. Couple More Gold References - 1986, 1970 CA Placer gold recovery methods SP 87 - 1986.pdf Gold Districts of CA Bulletin 193 - 1970.pdf
  7. I not sure how well this will load up these documents are dated 1889 & 1924 and not the easiest to read. If folks are interested these and others I can over time up load a few more. I have a large number of pdf documents from USGS Geology web site, if there is something specific let me know and (if this works) if I have it I'll added it to the forum. Also if odds "N" ends is not the one best location for this info then let me know which is. Gold Fields of CA - 1889.pdf Gold Placers of CA Bulletin 92 - 1923.pdf
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