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  1. malo

    My DIY Miller Table

    Hey Rebel ..... great job. I build most of my own prospecting tools and the miller table gets lots of use! I always save my black sand concentrates for the table. I'm sure building this will give you hours of fun and satisfaction! Congrats!
  2. malo

    started a self classifier

    Very clean so far ....... keep posting as you go along. Thanks, Mike
  3. malo

    Editing Posts

    I just found the post from Bill about the difference between support membership and regular membership. I did not know that support membership was a requirement in order to have editing capability beyond a short time . Since a lot of my posts are based on updating experiments and field trial links, I can no longer post my DIY prospecting tools to this forum. I need editing in order to give my posts validity. Also I've been a member since 2012. I only just found out that my site addresses will be deprecated due to water damage to my personal server and now have an external web host service. The addresses on this forum will be lost and the links will no longer be available. Since I know the ungoing cost of a service like this I understand the reasoning. I wish I had known before I registered. Sorry for the links that will go bad depicting my experimental tools. I do have them on other prospecting forums with editing capabilities. Sincerely, Mike Laine (malo)
  4. malo

    DIY Trommel on a Shoestring Budget

    AU Seeker, My DYNDNS service is temporarily webhopping/redirecting my server's address to a friend's home where there is a small Raspberry Pi backup of my server. I have since moved everything to a pay host and it is permanent with a new address. I will keep the redirect as long as I can but am changing as many addresses on blogs as I can before the Pi melts down. I hate dead links and will do everything I can to prevent it. http://mlaine.net/Trom Thanks, Mike Laine
  5. malo

    DIY Trommel on a Shoestring Budget

    Attention: I had a flood and my server was destroyed. The address to Mike's Trommel has been changed to: http://mlaine.net/Trom I have used this trommel for 6 years now and it's still cranking away. Cheers, Mike Laine "MIke's Trommel"
  6. malo

    DIY Trommel on a Shoestring Budget

    After careful consideration here's the plan.......... replace the bottom bearing with the same four-way as the top. Plug the top of the axle near the coupling, plug both sides of the lower four-way so water doesn't leak. Use a PVC reducer with a regular hose bib on the outer four-way................ no need for swivel fitting and it has water flow control to boot! Drill adequate holes in axle for water spray towards top of the trommel and add spray shield of 1/2 cut length of 2 1/2" PVC tubing suspended over the hopper part of the axle. Those picky about water drip can implement an O-ring to the bottom axle/bearing connection. Add your sluice and recirculating pump. Waaaaaallllllla! You have your shoestring budget highbanker/recirculating sluice adaptable for just about any type of recreational prospecting whether it be drywasher, highbanker, stream fed sluicing, or classifying for the pan. What fun! Mike
  7. malo

    DIY Trommel on a Shoestring Budget

    I did research on the type of buckets before building this. Home Depot had the .75 mil bucket which far outlasted the much less substantial Lowe's bucket. I would imagine that a white bucket of .75 mil+ would be a better call than orange but I liked the color scheme and am not likely to leave the bright orange beast out in the field at quitting time. I don't leave any of my tools outside, exposed to the elements for any length of time when I'm not working with them so time spent in UV is not much of an issue. I've used my trommel for a season now in the desert southwest and the bucket material is still perky as new. I did buy a full brimmed hat though, as my bucket head can't take any UV.
  8. Mike's Trommel http://mlaine.homeip.net/Trom/Trom Here you'll find plans to build an inexpensive, compact, and light weight hand trommel. It is designed to classify quantity material for your dry-washer, highbanker, sluice, pan, or garden, and can also be used as a worm harvester, gemstoner, or even an arrowhead sifter. The cost of parts is around $50 US.