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  1. Wow..... I'm glad you brought that to my attention and will need to look further into it as i live very close to this area..... I never see anybody prospecting these areas and just take a chance now with some small metal detecting being sure to stay off State Land which is a big no no. Thanks again for the update
  2. Very little..... Maybe .$.50 worth but both times was in the same wash about 1/4 mile apart but i am still fairly new with a lot to learn....especially sampling first
  3. I go to Table Mesa all the time and all the GPAA Abby claims are accessible from there you just need to know how to get to them.... The blocked off areas are state owned land there which is in the beginning. After thet it's all BLM Land and wide open. Basically follow table mesa rd on the west side of I-17 and at the third left you can make there is a small sign that says to turn left for the "OHV Staging Area" (Nice clean bathrooms there if needed) go past that and at the top of the first hill on the left is a good place to start...... There are many places to go and GPAA Claims are not fa
  4. Andyy This is a little off what your asking but if I can get Google Maps to work on Satellite view On my Smartphone It will also pull in Google Earth.... , At home on Google Earth I make whatever i want but mostly claim outlines and send it to my smartphone thru Google Drive .... I get a signal 1/2 of the time Definitely a good dedicated GPS will have better signal consistency but from what i find a screen capable of bringing in good satellite imagery really suck up battery power. While the colored screen ones usually have good battery life....Fax vary but what i've seen is about
  5. That's really good to hear....They are such nice people
  6. The last i spoke to him about a year ago polly was sick and he was selling everything in wickenburg and moving to Sun City to be closer to the doctors. Haven't heard a word since and didn't sound like he wanted to talk much Happy birthday Max if you read this
  7. To me, It's the manipulation that is going on right now to make you think your gold is not worth as much as the fiat currency.... If and when the dollar falls flat on it's face the reverse will take place then. This October is going to be very interesting
  8. Correct indeed on the melt value.... silver is surely way down and i should have checked recent figures.... I was definitely off on that one And a roll of dimes on Apmex (50 count) right now is about $1.75 each http://www.apmex.com/product/22018/90-silver-roosevelt-dimes-50-coin-roll-bu
  9. Hopefully a nice bag of silver dimes would go a long way if the credit cards go down for a short time and a lot easier to barter with for small items compared to an ounce of gold (which definitely hang onto).. A junk (silver) dime is usually close to the value of a gallon of gas for pricing comparison. I think PM's will still drop (maybe a lot).... How far and when???? The bargains are out there........... Again just my opinion Don't forget the spam and the ammo
  10. Vast amounts of gold are being sold off. this makes the price of PM's drop and have it look as a barbaric relic and fiat currency is the only place to be...... Well look real close and it's gold paper futures that are being sold by the billions to cause this effect. (For every ounce of physical gold there are about ten paper futures) None of these bigshots are selling physical gold.... now when everyone sells their gold out of fear and your money is in the bank..... that's when the stroke of a computer keyboard will wipe your savings out. Of course this is just my opinion i could be way
  11. Thanks Chris I have a friend with a mine claim in the cave creek area and says that in the mine he does have greenstones and the pics would be a big help. Thanks, Joe
  12. Chris... I've been blowing up your pictures to try and help me identify greenstone and so far it looks to be like a piece of slightly dulled coal with little specks in it? Looks to be somewhat smooth and very hard
  13. That's a nice sounding adventure. I wish you the best
  14. Glad you fooled them with the life expectancy thing....Being born in 1950 i remember a few of the things you say and if i still had all my teeth they where lined very nicely with that silver. Don't forget drinking water out of the hose....we used to have the mosquito sprayer truck that would fog the neighborhood in the evening and we would all run behind the truck to get lost in the fog...... those where good times
  15. Two Thumbs Up I do have your book which is also a big help but i feel dumb as a stump sometimes trying to figure it all out Thanx
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