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  1. Thanks so much to my Nugget Shooter family. It has been a great day - super relaxing, succeeded in mostly not working - only 2 phone calls and Johnno is wonderful as always to make my day a special one. Much love to all of you <3 Kat
  2. *** Merry Christmas *** We may be quiet lately but you are all always in our hearts and thoughts Wishing you all and your families a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a very Happy, Healthy and Happy New Year Johnno & Kat
  3. Thanks so much everyone!! I'm sorry I didn't get on here yesterday; I picked up a bug or something horrible and fell to sleep last night at 5pm. Big Hugs to all!! Kat
  4. Congrats Ion!!!! Dang!!! That was tooo close!!! How fun and thanks Terry!!!
  5. Oh.My.Goodness!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm so sorry I didn't get to this last week; it's busy, busy, busy time for me at work with all of my groups all out on the road and booking season for 2017 kicking in. But finally got around to thanking everyone and this is one of my favorite places; I really do need to try to get here more often. So it was my birthday and also our 4th wedding anniversary on the 15th. We went out to a fancy steak restaurant last night to celebrate, it was lots of fun. Here's me and Johnno from last night and I also updated my profile pic to this year's birthday image BIG HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!!! Lots and Lots of Love!!! -:- Kat -:-
  6. Thanks you guys and of course to my darling sweet husband Johnno You guys are all amazing!!! Thanks for thinking of me -- life is busy as ever for me .. I'm taking care of about 30 VIP accounts this year which means alot of logistics and planning to get them all their bikes, hotel pick-ups and returns, organizing BBQs and of course hand holding when things don't go right. I can't wait to get out to the desert -- get dirty, look for gold and sit around a campfire. It's beyond long over due all my love and hugs to you!! And just wanted to share today's birthday pic with my glass of champagne in hand KAT
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!!! Johnno --- you are wonderful and I hope you had a great birthday weekend Love you always & forever kat
  8. **** Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas **** I completely agree that this is the best forum out there and each and everyone of you is so dear to me. Wishing you all the happiest times full of laughter, love, good health and great times!! Here's some pictures of me & Johnno at my work Christmas party. And now my countdown till this evening when my daughter's flight arrives with my Christmas presents :: my sweet daughter Taryn and my 2 darling granddaughters, Alina and Aubrie ... With love, Kat
  9. Hi Everyone, Thank you so very much for your kind wishes for both the birthday and anniversary. I means so very much to me, you all are such the best friends to have Love and hugs to each of you, Kat
  10. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear JOHNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO Happy Birthday to you! I love you heaps and bunches and bundles tied up with string. Always, kat
  11. Hi Mitchel Wow you're fast!! That's awesome. We just got back to our hotel after tonight's event. Yes, he's blown away by the award. But he's more impressed with Jim & Wendy Wooddell receiving their Harvey award. We both congratulate them. We had fun talking with them both on the lawn at the Inn Suites today. I don't know what it was but their dog really liked Johnno ... more to follow ...
  12. Howdy-do Everyone!! Hope everyone is having a great day!! Johnno & I arrived to Tucson today and once we got here, I was hungry and he was stressed out so we decided to go have a look around at the main city center. Since we have infected everyone around our lives with our obsessions with meteorites, gems, etc... one of my co-workers teen-age son decided to start a rock and gem collection. So I was on the look out for one of those box flats of minerals and gems that they offer here and scored a really nice bunch that I think should wet this kid's whistle and really get him started on the right path of collecting. I'll be on the look out for some small and inexpensive meteorites for a few other kids of my co-workers because.... well, that's just what we do ... RIGHT?!?! Big hugs to everyone!! kat
  13. Our prayers, thoughts and very best wishes go to the both of you and your family for strength and recovery ~ kat and johnno
  14. HI Steve, Well that's a great big ol' bummer that we will just miss each other by that short a time. We would love to be able to stay longer but work won't allow either of us to. I hope you guys have such a great time!!
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