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  1. I found this... Specifications Diameter: 37.7-40.7 millimeters (varies) Weight: 15.03-18.51 grams (varies) Composition: Pewter (.950+ tin and lead, .050 trace elements) Edge: Twin leaf ornamentation.
  2. I think you win this one. There happens to be a train track very near where I found this.
  3. I mean I think the coin is older than just a handful of years... I have zero skills when it comes to coins but I would think with it being as worn as it is, it would be a very old coin...
  4. Original or "fake" I am interested in how worn the coin is. I don't think it's from 1996...
  5. I have no clue what your talking about ;) Please explain.
  6. Cut it? Just cut it in half or cut a piece off of it?
  7. Thanks, I'll see if I can find an expert in my area...
  8. I have a 1776 coin I found many years ago and never really looked into if its real or fake. Can anyone tell me what I have without guessing? Thanks for any info.
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