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  1. I personally like a Keene pan and classifier screens. I would not buy another brand of sluice, but I think the a51 mini is to small to really be useful. I have converted my a51 to a cleanup sluice and am in the market for an a52. But El D is spot on about technique, and try a few sizes of pans also. Some people have trouble with ex- large pans..
  2. Too funny Sgt. Dookie. I was mixing bags of cement in a wheelbarrow at work last week wondering if some gold was in the sand they used for the mix. I heard a story years ago that at a panning contest they bought bag sand and filled new pans to the rim put 6 lead shot into them and the winner was the one to pan out all the sand. One of the contestants panned out a picker with the shot. The event planners and judges swore it was not a setup or gimmick. Gold is where you find it!
  3. Ever do stuff that gets you in trouble with the better half?
  4. The Sgt. referred to the expanded metal in the bottom of his keene a51 as little riffles, I was just trying to explain in terms he was using.
  5. Yes I mean the big riffles, I have no worries about seeing the carpet and expanded metal. Out here the gold is quite pure and its so heavy I really think its hard to wash gold back out of the sluice. But yeah if you have a picker or two in each bucket, get those buckets dug. Its all about moving those cubic yards of dirt. ( in my opinion)
  6. I have a 51 mini too and I feed by "hand" and as long as I can see the tops of the riffles I keep feeding. I classify to 1/4 and use my hand and kinda wriggle my fingers to spread the concentrates. I can run 2/3 of a 5 gallon bucket(who can really carry a full one) in about 10 min and we have a ton of black sand in NC. I have seen allot of very fine gold sit in the mat for the afternoon. If you are in an area with pickers then keep that sluice moving. I have a friend that runs a 52 and when we dig together I process about twice the material through my 51...I get nearly twice the color. He spe
  7. awesome pic's Geojack, I have found several specimen's but never anything with more than a few small specks of gold. But I think I may be on the right track with this vein.
  8. I have been popping from spot to spot for twenty odd years and Its just a carolina thing. I am finding good color for where I am digging, I am going to go to bedrock or bust.
  9. Lots of good info thanks for all of it. I want to ask if the iron and other heavies collect along the contact surface also. I have found free milling gold in some vein material and do not as of yet have detector to high-grade the quartz with, and no rock crusher. Just wondering if I should grade the quartz by mineralizaton and play with hand crushing a few samples.. nothing too serious just for fun..
  10. Ok I was picturing the quartz as a molten liquid like glass I guess, you are saying that the gold and quartz are formed as a precipitate from a water solution moving slowly under great heat and pressure through the fissures in the country rock. The whole reason I was asking was just what you mention that the gold can accumulate on one side of a vein. We started this discussion because my buddy and I were looking at an area that has a layer of cemented black sand and just below that a layer of quartz and dissolved bedrock its all full of modern trash but has allot of color in it. I picked up a
  11. More than half our black sand seems to be magnetite and half hematite. Both are magnetic but the hematite is only a little. getting rid of half my burden would be awesome. Sand could be the least of my worries I actually dropped a more than gram picker back into the creek today!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to dredge the whole thing to find it again.
  12. Around here we have lots of gold bearing quartz and my question is this... The quartz is a secondary enrichment for lack of a better term and the free milling gold was either formed in or brought in with the quartz. Where in the vein would the gold form? I guess I picture the gold "settling" to the bottom of the vein, my buddy thinks that in the liquid molten rock that the gold would "float" to the top of the vein like the hotter liquid in a lava lamp. Any educated guesses?
  13. Thanks for that post Bucket, I will be cloning that machine as soon as the magnets come in from E-bay.
  14. No sir I would not consider anything you have said a put down of the area. I was seriously interested in your explanation. As per the detecting here in NC its quite a difficult thing to get right, we are the second most mineralized area in the world and from what I understand the folks here that do the best with detecting are running them in creeks and looking for black sand deposits. Then they sluice, dredge or high bank. I do want to buy a fisher gb2 to use to high grade quarts, I have an area that has allot of good vein rock with free milling gold and I have seen a fisher find a grain in a
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