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  1. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land Q: Can I surface collect for arrowheads or geodes? Can I dig for artifacts? A: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a responsibility for ensuring that properties of a cultural, historical, or traditional nature located on Corps lands are preserved and managed appropriately. Removal of any artifact, prehistoric or historic, from Federal lands is a violation of both Federal regulations and Federal law. Conviction for digging for artifacts can result in both substantial financial penalty which could be as much as a $250,000.00 and incarceration of up to five years. It is all of our responsibilities to ensure that the cultural resources present on Dale Hollow Lake are protected. To prevent the destruction of these sensitive resources and prevent possible prosecution, please leave any artifact found where you see it.
  2. the job site has many full time archaeologists biologist indian artifact people and a few others all making big money to watch us work
  3. ok hope this helps historical articfacts between 1750 and roughy 1950 that they look out for<<<<< yes trash old bullets cans and so on in our small western history i cought some of that from our work site 3 weeks ago we are working on federal public land it is crazy and all money wasted for protecting trash.....our county dump would have to be consider historical by them dates lmao other items older then that are considered different usually indain or somthing else before americans move out west
  4. haha nice video nice nuggets i wish they where that easy to find
  5. any tips on using mecury to recover gold and you ever tried the potato instead of a retort
  6. anyone here ever use a mecury retort or other method to recover fine gold?
  7. and go back and dig that target it's still waiting for you friday and saturday it was 110 and 115 degrees here blaa ive been hitting early mornings and evenings hiding in the mountain shade
  8. go this off the other message board maybe this will fix it It IS because you're over the target. It responds just like holding your ProPointer on a target when powering up. It basiclly de-sensitizes it to that target. Best consistant results that I get are when I'm off target, but still reading the TID that I'm pursuing when I hit the pinpoint button. It's sometimes difficult when in a peticularly trashy area. I do notice that it effectively "blanks" the target if I'm on it when I switch to that mode, but there are also times when a halo around a rusty piece will give a good tone just off an edge, and when I change modes there's nothing there in that TID range. Then I'll swing back further than I was getting the tone and engage the iron.
  9. looks like others having the same problem http://www.findmall.com/read.php?55,1587837
  10. the koss that came with my mine lab are big no adjustment they work fine on the minelab but not on my gb2 and the stock fisher are like 40.00 and the koss are just under 80 ive never tried the others i have a friend that uses his head set out of his plane but dont know the name brand
  11. on the gb2 you will want head phones that you can adjust the volume on i use the stock fisher turn the machine all the way up and adjust the head phones
  12. i have one of those on mine when it rides in the rhino keeps the rest of my junk off the shaft
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