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  1. It's a light colored Western Diamond Back. Not a Ridge Nosed. Chris
  2. Great looking nuggets Sonny!!
  3. I don't know about that. The area you found it is not known for Hematite. I would like to see the filed window
  4. Great work bud!! Hopefully a meteorite!! Chris
  5. The nugget might only need some CLR and a light tooth brushing. The meteor looks interesting, like it was an oriented fall. Chris
  6. Great job!! How was the trash in your new area? Chris
  7. Great work Dave!! Kicking my butt as usual!! No luck on my specimen yet. Could be a copper mineral. I had some suggestions on another forum. It was still strange that this was so reactive on the GPZ Chris
  8. Hope the health problems are behind you!! I need to look into the hard rock stuff as well. I figure as much as I am out there in the field, I should pay attention. Congratulations on a big year for you. Chris
  9. 1 oz club for sure!! Still excited for you bud!!!
  10. Great job, you kicked but out there!! I was bummed I couldn't get out with you. So awesome!! Chris
  11. That is a round tailed horned lizard. Cool find! Congratulations on the gold!! Chris
  12. Very nice!!!! In a wash? Or on a bench? Great nugget, congratulations!
  13. Thank you for posting, I find these stories fascinating and motivating. Keep posting them. Chris
  14. If you were in Gold basin it was probably a western diamondback, if you were where I saw you last, it most likely was a Panamint Speckled rattlesnake. Great looking nuggets!! Chris
  15. Beautiful looking country! How was the gold hunting? Chris
  16. Great Job Sonny!!! No luck for me. Glad I ran into you. Chris
  17. Wow that is a really unique looking nugget, great find!! Chris
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