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  1. That's some great looking gold Frank!
  2. A bunks pick with some round magnets stuck to it ? Found in Johnnie? Probably me lol. I guess I have to stop leaving things behind for you to find lolol. Chris
  3. Hi Jim, my name is Chris. I'm in Vegas, and usually detect around this area. I haven't begun to do any research yet, but have a trip planned to Sun Valley. A client is letting us stay in their house for a few days early in July. Assuming I can convince my Fiance to let me out to detect/prospect for part of the day, am I anywhere near any goldfields or open ground? Would it be worth packing my detector? If you could point me in any direction, that would be great. I would easily return the favor if you ever get down this way. Thank you

    Chris Ben-Tchavtchavadze 

  4. Couple of close-ups of the nuggets. The ones Dave found last year nearby were very "chevrony"
  5. Hey Dave, thanks for another great trip!! Your videos are getting better and better!! Hopefully next time we'll find a patch with no trash so we can video some digs too. Sometime today I'll take some close ups of some of the nuggets to show the crystalline shapes. Chris
  6. Those are some good looking specimens...including the horned lizard! Chris
  7. It's a light colored Western Diamond Back. Not a Ridge Nosed. Chris
  8. I don't know about that. The area you found it is not known for Hematite. I would like to see the filed window
  9. Great work bud!! Hopefully a meteorite!! Chris
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