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  1. I have one of those skunk hats I could loan you thou would need it back. Th Farmer
  2. Hey Fred well my 5000 is still a VIRGIN glad you done some good really enjoyed the evenings with all the BS floating about. Sounds like your adventure didn't end at gold basin. But all ended well . Until next time The Farmer NWA
  3. Hope I can break my 5000 in on something like that . way to go
  4. Shep Dwayne here I am going to get out of here 17th they cancled my appointment Will leave here early so will proably beat you there will set where I think is right and wait. Watch for the boat. Dwayne
  5. Thanks Shep will be over that6 way afternoon 19th See you then. Dwayne
  6. Shep the Farmer here , have a dr. appointment 18th then am going to try to get over. Just been there once where from the fuel tanks?? or the last trip. Dwayne
  7. Great Day Pat needs a little help on faces. The Farmer NWA
  8. A good life , we all have to go, so sad so much is lost in knowledge, wish I could have met him . RIP
  9. Thanks Mike I will tr y elect. tape retired elect so have on hand. Am r eady to try new coil. ;The Farmer NWA
  10. Thanks will pick some up , next ? tape to attach shoe to coil electrical allright?? The Farmer
  11. Reading all directions, I have a 3000 and just recieved new spoked coil sealing with silicone on inside spokes sounds great but you lost me on the PC-7 I am sure all of your help will work on my 3000 that is applicable. Thanks The Farmer NWA
  12. that some where in AZ leaves a little to much room maybe you could cut it down to couple hundred miles , great finds. The Farmer NWA
  13. Shep where do you buy that CABO ??? Maybe I have the wrong mind set. Great.
  14. Hope you all had a good time... Having the Metal detctors claims, NWA claims and Gpaa claims gives you a lot of area to look at. Enjoyed the visit with some of you , had a couple of stents incerted last wensday so wasn't in shape to get out. Some of you joined the NWA and we welcome you and hope to see you back here or at another site. Travel safe until we meet again. Dwayne Farmer NWA
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