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    Target practice, gardening, enjoy taking pictures of wildlife, fixing up my property, and love to bs with friends.

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  1. Happy Birthday Bill! Hope you have a good'n!
  2. "Thats's when I started paying more attention to and learning more about geology. specifically rock types commonly associated with (detectable) nugget size gold." That is the hardest part to learn. They have many faces. I can google a specific rock and they don't all look alike. Google images is worthless in that respect. But I have went to other geology sites and seen the same. I wish someone with a good camera would show what these rocks really look like. If there is more looks to a rock, then show it. Are if there is a website that is specific to this subject, that would be great too. I don't think minedat shows all of the different rocks either.
  3. Diamond, The way i'm understanding the shows haven't even shown yet. I can't believe you would even say such words. If I were Bill i'd boot you to the moon.
  4. AZNBob, Well the long winded post is my second framer. Your post and Trinityraymills post is all any nugget shooter needs to know to find gold. There have been many good post about finding gold here, but those top the list fer sure IMO. Sure wish I was there, but my health hasn't been so good lately. But my dreamer ain't broke... Rim
  5. So ya'll ain't buying in to the theory? "Critics began questioning the Jade Helm exercise after a military map was leaked that showed certain US territories marked as "hostile." hmmm...Two stores in Texas shut down are both in Midland Texas.
  6. Hope not, but ready if it does break out. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/wal-mart-mysteriously-closed-5-201200283.html
  7. Hey Frank, Nice haul! Internet is a rip off fer sure if you don't have cable. But here's what I found. I finally bit the bullit and went with Hugesnet satelite sevice for 63 bucks a month. Not the fastest but it don't rip you off like cell towers do if you live in a weak signal area. Also now there is another satelite service down here in Texas. It's called Excede. They been sending ads for 50 bucks a month so i'll probably switch when my contract runs out. TC. Rim
  8. lol...I wonder if muzzle flip sent the bullet to Mars....
  9. Mike, I got a chance to shoot a .458 rifle in my younger days and it did kick like a mule. I just can't imagine shooting a .500 nitro out of a pistol would be like. It was probably his first time to shoot it and he didn't know what he was in for...My best guess. I'd never buy a gun like that. Could not afford the ammo.
  10. I got a kick out of this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv4ZsFTwbwM
  11. Ron have you noticed their large shorts are too small and their x large shorts are too big...wut gives? Same problem with sox too...
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