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  1. "Thats's when I started paying more attention to and learning more about geology. specifically rock types commonly associated with (detectable) nugget size gold." That is the hardest part to learn. They have many faces. I can google a specific rock and they don't all look alike. Google images is worthless in that respect. But I have went to other geology sites and seen the same. I wish someone with a good camera would show what these rocks really look like. If there is more looks to a rock, then show it. Are if there is a website that is specific to this subject, that would be great too. I do
  2. AZNBob, Well the long winded post is my second framer. Your post and Trinityraymills post is all any nugget shooter needs to know to find gold. There have been many good post about finding gold here, but those top the list fer sure IMO. Sure wish I was there, but my health hasn't been so good lately. But my dreamer ain't broke... Rim
  3. Jim, I wonder why the detector world has been so slow to catch on to this technology? The best thing about is much, much, smaller packages. Sure could of helped out in the tennis elbow department fer sure....
  4. I ain't got much faith in all these star theories...too many theories, not enough facts...if you want nitty gritty..you have to go all the way back to when the 1st star was born, and I can promise you, that won't ever be found out. All kinds of theories are proven wrong or modified each and every year. The problem with most theories, they're not conclusive, they are just pure speculation as to what might have happened back in time.
  5. Nice story and nugs Bob! Wonder what they did with the dirt after they leveled it off..hmmm..
  6. Pretty cool story Lobo! I think my best find was a gold pendant. Must have been an ounce of gold in it. It had what i think was pearl inlay with gold going around it and a figure 8 raised up in gold. My guess it was owned by an 8 ball player.
  7. Luke keep in mind many of these guys have already found the easy nuggets. Now with that said, today will be easier than tomorrow to find a nugget. As time goes on, the pickins will get slimmer and slimmer and slimmer until it's all gone or a source decides to give up some new nugget's. GL Luke, you are on the right path.
  8. Sure would hate to bump into it...OUCH!!! Nice pic Dave!
  9. I think ya'll might have forgot about the 40 days and 40 nights of rain part, and the earth was flooded.
  10. Or... 30 gallon barrell of oil =50 bucks 30 gallon barrel of gold = mind boggling haha!
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