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  1. 6 hour drive and I don't have a detector, too bad.
  2. man I have to get my detector. can't wait to see that mellon that I'm shure is out there.
  3. the forum would get kinda boring without the honkers. besides what els are you supposed to post in here. I was just pointing out that we have a little chronicle going on here. keep it coming. now you just need a nemisis and a cape.
  4. wow! hoggn' up the forums with the show. can't wate to get my gold bug. and get a little tast of the action.
  5. quoted from overunity.com composit cores and liquid solutions have very different properties than solids or laminates. it would also need to be ran with sqare waves not sine. here's why. http://hal.inria.fr/docs/00/44/52/28/PDF/Couedel_EPS2006.pdf the idea is to charge the conductive material with a residual charge than use that charge againsed an oposite charge which should cause an atraction. this has nothing to do with magnetism but elecrostatics. you'll find many patents in the field of free energy that don't disclose key elements needed to make the device work. the square wave sine wave thing is an example of this. this is done for intalectual hording, rendering the device inoperable, and causing people to dought the consept. I'll get one of these built, and we'll see what happens.
  6. lol sounds strange but yeah, you mix it with polyerithane glue, mold it than let it harden, finish it down with sand paper. and you'll have a composite histeresis free high frequency core. far better than a laminate core. read this; http://www.benthamsc...-1/0001EENG.pdf anyone who thinks this stuff doesn't work. check out this site; http://free-energy-info.co.uk intelectual honesty is very hard to come by. there are people in this world who seek to control what you know and think. knowledge is power. so I find it wise to learn everything you can grasp.
  7. also any ocilating coil is technicly a transmiter, and well making one of these and not checking the frequency your running could get you it trouble with the fcc. you need to know a few things about radios if you want to build this. don't go over ~80khz 88khz is the start of the AM radeo band, you can use 2.4 & 5ghz public networking bands for realy high freq. hf metal detectors don't have this problem because they don't transmit much power.
  8. it has nothing to do with the praticality of the device, it has to do with finantial intrests. read this; http://free-energy-info.co.uk/Chapter15.pdf also a lot of inventers when they make their patant they don't realy bother with presenting a "practicle" device, it's more about explaining the concept. I've already thought up several varyations of this device that would be very practicle in gold mining. also a lot of inventers are working for or are intimidated by our masters. most people I've met that still have half a brain are smart enough to realise the point you made. there's a lot of tech that has been invented, but sadly is too related to other techs that the powers that be don't want the public to have too much knowledge about. this device for example relates to ball lightning.
  9. I have almost everything I need to build it. need some magnetite(black sand) to make the cores out of. realy cool. http://free-energy-i...rous-Magnet.pdf
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