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  1. ebay seams to be selling al'right. I have tones of it around so I'll just sell it in bulk for cheap.
  2. everyone I show it to says it's agate. it's realy hard and heavy. and has a white crystaly layer on the outside.
  3. yeah you can see through it. a small sliver is very transparent. thanks. any segestions on what saw I would need.
  4. thanks. the green one is very hard. I had a heck of a time breaking it with a malet. serpentine is supost to be soft, right? if it's hardness is 4-5.
  5. type of agate. check this out. http://gemhunter.webs.com/chalcedony.htm
  6. man I have to get my detector. can't wait to see that mellon that I'm shure is out there.
  7. the forum would get kinda boring without the honkers. besides what els are you supposed to post in here. I was just pointing out that we have a little chronicle going on here. keep it coming. now you just need a nemisis and a cape.
  8. wow! hoggn' up the forums with the show. can't wate to get my gold bug. and get a little tast of the action.
  9. gold forms out of quartz by crystalisation in fact all vien gold originaly formed by crystalisation. you'll normaly find gold in the thiner viens ~1 inch +-. were the super heated water moved the slowest alowing the gold to accumilate. gold falls even when heated. so think of an underground river running through a large fissure. the disolved gold will consentrate in cracks were the water is moving the slowest. disolved gold is atomised gold, so you can imagin how slow the water must move. that's why gold often forms stuck to one side of the vien. and also why in the thin viens but "usualy" not
  10. here's a pic of some gold dust stuck to some quartz. be cool to have a piece of that as a counter top.
  11. oooohh... looks like rolled quartz with shale, slate, or granite. I have this kind of stuff here. that's some of the best I've seen. can you give us some zoomed out pics of the area. is it on a hill side, top, ravine? you'll most certainly find gold in that, try to break the quartz clean away from the other stuff. you should find ultra fine dust between the two. also try to find places wear the layers of strata have shifted. you'll find pocket gold in the cracks. dig a hole in the dirt around the area untill you hit hard pan and look for ~1 inch thick quartz viens you'll find the highest amoun
  12. thats a decent detector, should get you going.
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