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  1. Unfortunately many folks don't understand the business side of buying gold. I get guys all the time wanting spot price for their raw gold. They bring in an oz of fines in a vial and want $1500; that just ain't gonna happen. They can't seem to get it through their heads that what's in that vial isn't bullion. I was recently offered 18lbs of raw platinum nuggets. Just the shipping and insurance to the smelter would have been over $7000.
  2. Buying anything other than bullion gold for 95% of spot is foolhardy. 14K is the most common jewelry gold, which is actually 58% gold. All smelters keep a percentage of the product, usually 2%. A fraction is also lost in the burn. A 10 gram 14K gold ring would yield 5.8 grams of capture, minus the melt loss, and 2% smelt fee. The total capture would likely be about 5.3-5.4 grams. For example, if you calculated at $1500 an oz for spot the melt value would then be $260. Then deduct shipping and insurance to the smelter. Shipping is nominal, however insurance can add up quickly at $2.00 pe
  3. I don't get it. I have the volume on my Nugget Busters turned down half way now.
  4. The Gold Bug that Cabella's offers is not the Gold Bug Pro model. Kellyco generally includes alot of low quality extras with their detectors. Better deals can be found with a little research. Here's an example: http://www.goldmiser.com/product_p/9208.htm
  5. The Minelab 705 Gold is every bit as good either the GBII or TLST. Personally, I prefer the 705 over both the others.
  6. The top strap retainer will come off by slowly working it back and forth over the flange around the GB button. It's a tight fit but it'll come off. Once you have the top of the strap off, pull the side of the foam out away from the inner plastic handle and spray a little water/liquid soap mixture to the inside of the foam. Rotate the foam and it should lubricate it enough to slide off easily. Spray a little lube on the new foam and slide it over the handle. Work the strap retainer back over the flange aorund the button and you're done. Let the foam dry and it'll stay in place. BTW, no tools
  7. No good deed goes unpunished...
  8. Call me at the Libby, Montana store (406) 293-8679 and I'll take your credit card for the membership and mail you the info and cards. I will see that you have your membership ASAP.
  9. I was just trying to throw a little fuel on the fire...then here you come with a bucket of water How's a trouble maker posed to have any fun round cheer...
  10. It's not really necessary to wait for someone to be charged under a criminal violation. Any person in possession of a meteorite found on public land can seek a declaratory judgment pursuant to 28 U.S.C. ยงยง 2201-2202 in the US District Court establishing the rights of the parties involved, i.e. ownership prior to transfer to a third party. Although, I see a couple of caveats. First and foremost, subsequent prosecution by a pissed off US Attorney's Office. It may be safer to seek judgment in mass. I suspect an action brought by 100 or more plaintiffs would discourage such a position due to
  11. My observation on the issue of a "locatable mineral" is that it is entirely time dependent. Of course, my opinion is academic and holds no more pendant gravity than a gnats scrotum. But, scientific analysis of the Melrose stone showed Au content of up to 0.32 oz per ton. Any extraterresterial object left exposed to the geology (time & pressure) of this planet will decay into it's constituent components. Once this process takes place differentiation is virtually impossible. These decayed products would then become placer deposits subject to further movement from the initial deposition p
  12. Oh I didn't mean meteorites...I was talking about an actual "virgin". I was in Vegas, never seen one there before.
  13. My inquiry was more curiosity than estate planning. I happened to be involved in a discussion between know-it-alls the other day and wanted the accurate truth ( as opposed to coffeeshop bravado). I doubt I will part with the piece Wayne and I found at any price. That stone has been handled by lots of small hands and is covered with little fingerprints, so many in fact, I'm sure it's valueless. Except maybe to the Kindergartner that said it must be worth " a billion dawwers".
  14. Apparently the Feds spend all their time here instead of ebay...
  15. How would I determine if mine is the L class Wayne? I thought all those Franconia stones were the same H5 composition.
  16. That would be it, but it was more like 10 ft from the car! I still can't figure how you didn't trip over it. Too bad you weren't with me last week when I hit a virgin find.
  17. Just my luck. I've been sitting on a 580 piece I found while hunting with Wayne back in 2005. I've been a little out-of-pocket the last few years and just getting back in the hunt.
  18. Anybody know the current going rate per gram for Franconia stuff?
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