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  1. Thank you all for the input. I went with E600. Also one to add to your works awesome list. Dan
  2. Any suggestions on what is the best glue to use when gluing a stainless steel plate to abs plastic and then gluing a micro dream mat to that.
  3. Wanting advise as to what is the best glue to use when gluing a thin stainless steel plate to abs plastic, then a micro dream mat to the stainless steel.
  4. Sand Trap. If you see this I will be working the Red Chispa and the Shotgun claim this Wed. and Thur. If you ya can make it over stop by. Jim won't be with me. Dan Taylor
  5. You and I have talked many times about this land grab and agenda 21 Jim. Talked to Harold today, came into Lowe's looking for a BBQ. Congratulations. Dan Taylor
  6. Lies from the horsed mouth. Listen carefully your next. He thinks he is Lincoln.
  7. The Land Grab has started. It was spear headed by Judy Chu. Who has know ties to the communist party. Oh and she is our congressman. Much evidence on our Facebook fight (read links below) YES. WE fought HARD but in the end lost to Obama Chu and all the agenda 21 people. See more of our struggle here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1466046667010170/ and here https://www.facebook.com/groups/713957762016345/ Word is next stop Coolgardie and then most likely Randsburg. Keep joking Chris Ralph but you Arizonians are next. This is Americas wake up call. You Zonies think Arizona is untouchable...wak
  8. Happy fathers day Jim. Keep at watch out for all them red headed women in black under pants. Keep the flag flying high. From all your prospecting kids.
  9. Happy birthday Bill. Life begins today.
  10. Jim, You can never know how much Jon (aka Broken Arrow) and my self appreciate all your generosity. All the time you have spent passing along your knowledge to us. Along with your help and support has been amazing. You can be a tough teacher but you know your stuff. I will never for get that Saturday night I came over to visit. I wanted to show you a YouTube video of a outing some one had posted. If memory serves me you had no interest...BUT I lured you in. Then it was game on. For the next hour you dissected that video. Having me pause it every 30 seconds as we had a geology lesson. I remem
  11. We all got to get our act together. EVERY ONE who enjoys using YOUR land. http://politichicks.tv/column/bureau-land/ Sorry to be Political. Miners, Off roaders, Fisherman... yes and soon hikers need to band together. I wish I knew how we could all unite.
  12. When one does something nice for others it's a gift. If one does it with the hope of being repaid, it's not a gift. For your sake I hope you do not let this experience harden your heart to helping others. I'm so thankful to all who have given me there gifts of knowledge. I hope one day I can give something back in return out of kindness.
  13. Happy Birthday Jim Straight. From your boys Mike & Mike, Jon and Dan.We all wish you Happy B Day this friday. 84 Wow, you found a lot of gold in those 84 years. Also helped a lot of people find gold, and for that we thank you. Many more to come
  14. Safe to say Thanksgiving will always be an extra special day the rest of your life. Congrats
  15. Garimpo, Wow we complain about America, We got it good. Hummm 5.5 lb. thats heavy. Any thing on the claim that it finds small gold?
  16. A word about Jim. Jim is one of the most generous people you will ever know. Weather it is with his family or a stranger, Jim always wants to lend helping hand. It astound me what he has done for others and has asks nothing in return. He LOVES to engage with strangers and only talks about himself until he gets them to open up. Then he listens to their story with true interest. He always has something positive to say, and is a true lover of life. Jim LOVES to what he says is “teach” I say it’s sharing his knowledge. When he is talking to you, he will always say I learned that from “so in
  17. roadsrunner, ISOLATOR - The lower most section of a non-metallic control shaft which attaches to the search coil and separates the metallic portion of the control shaft from the electromagnetic field. If your connecting cable has free play and flopping around when you bump a rock or the ground you MAY get a false signal. Still sometimes a little unsure of your questions. As far as Jim's books, skipping through is is hard to do. There is lots of information that I sometimes have to read over a couples times to get. The information on page 102 & 103 tells why you may need a isolator.
  18. Sorry THAT is even worse. Mineing the Miner is alive and well... a shame:(
  19. Spot for 70 oz should be about 95K. For the size and rarity I would guess it should have gone to Auction and gone for about 175K to 300K. More on the 300k side. I sold a 4 + oz nugget for 11k last Mo. when the market was at it lowest. BIG nuggets for sale have NOTHING to do with spot. Just my take. Would have LOVED to sold it for the guy....even with my fee We would have both be much happyer...
  20. Let me see. He finds a 70 + oz nugget. Sells it the next day for about SPOT. Anyone else see something wrong here. Just rechecking the facts....70 oz. right? 70 oz rare specimen nugget. Wow wish I had the chance to turn that nugget. Dan T.
  21. roadsrunner, Bill Southern is who runs/ownes this form. You can go to the top left of this page and click on NUGGETSHOOTERS.COM my main Website. Bill does not charge us for using this website form, so it is nice to support Bill by purchasing prospecting thing when we can from him. Thank you Bill for this form. Dan T.
  22. roadsrunner, Just got back froms Jim's. Read him your question. You want Nugget Shooters Bible Vol. 3, 7th addition. You can get one from Bill Southern. Jims wants to know if you are talking about the Goldmaster GMT? He also says for you to PM me your address and he will send you some information. Dan T.
  23. Hi all, Jim is doing well and on the mend. I'm taking him out for lunch today. roadsrunner, I'm a little unclear on your question. Volume 6 is the last addition. Be a little more spacific and I will try and help or ask Jim as it is still hard for him to respond. Dan T.
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