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  1. Wow, great nugget Mitch, Hope you do as well at Rye Patch. Hope to see you at Gold Basin in Nov. John and Roma
  2. Happy Birthday Bill, hope you have a lucky weekend. Always remember : You are only as old as you Think You Are, If you had no way of knowing Where or When you were Born.
  3. Bill We should be there between 2 to 3pm tomorrow so you can use the fridge. John
  4. Bill We will be there Thurs. evening or Fri. morning, the wife says that we should have plenty of room in the fridge, so you are welcome to use it if you need to. John
  5. Good morning Jim Jerry and I are loaded up and heading out right now for day, he just had the transmission rebuilt in his Zuki and also ,feels that his legs are good to go. he has computer problems right now and can't get on line so he says HI!. I think Marble Canyon is still o.k. I was up there last year and drove about 2 miles passed the turn of to a place just above Eureka valley and found a amazing platinum, nugget, and there no closed signs anywhere. Desertnut
  6. Jim It is great to hear that you have company at home now, I will see Sandtrap (Jerry Balser) later today and will tell him the news, we both still prospect together and I will always remember when I met you, it was just a couple of days before you fell and and hurt your hip, you came up here with a friend to prospect with Sandtrap and me. Thank so much for giving me a copy of your latest book and the info you you gave me when you were up here, I still read and reread your books,and consider myself a somewhat sucessfull student of yours. You mention Marble Canyon in your books,In the mid
  7. My better half and I will be there, we will bring desserts, we have never been to Gold Basin and are looking forward to it. We plan to do some metorite hunting at Franconia Mon.and Tues. on the way home
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