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  1. HRC is using the oldest play in the Dem playbook- when their policies fail, they... https://t.co/Hj3hfegUQx by @steph93065 via @c0nvey

  2. ALERT ALERT ALERT! Saudis Fund 20% of Clinton Presidential Campaign: Top... https://t.co/PLh7ROBcxe by @Veteran4Trump via @c0nvey

  3. Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Stabs British Woman; Authorities Say ‘Nothing to do... https://t.co/ZxorJ2FYzk by @AnnCoulter via @c0nvey

  4. VINCE FOSTER FILES VANISH FROM NATIONAL ARCHIVES... https://t.co/TBPNOBDsCd by @Veteran4Trump via @c0nvey

  5. Inquest rules that death of Julian Assange's lawyer, John Jones QC, was not... https://t.co/BqB34rYHjV by @Italians4Trump via @c0nvey

  6. Kudos to Trump for dragging the media spotlight to Louisiana – and shaming... https://t.co/lO7qumYHXP by @garydailydrift via @c0nvey

  7. https://t.co/SXp0E8459P These "principled conservatives" are also busy cutting Trumps tires thereby... by @steph93065 via @c0nvey

  8. #DonaldTrump still leads #HillaryClinton 38% to 29% among voters not affiliated... https://t.co/jjxgkAXLJ4 by @Patriotic_Me via @c0nvey

  9. If you conceived on the day Hillary Clinton last held a press conference, you... https://t.co/QKnFztgrdn by @Cernovich via @c0nvey

  10. WikiLeaks lawyers to Loretta Lynch: 'Clinton precedent' requires closing DoJ... https://t.co/GnNoLYUB9G by @TRUMP_PREZ via @c0nvey

  11. "CLINTON REFUGEE PLAN COULD BRING IN 620,000 REFUGEES IN FIRST TERM AT... https://t.co/t76qH4PJ97 by @TrumpetingTrump via @c0nvey

  12. Smart take by Curtis Ellis: Families Crushed by Obama-Clinton Pay Freeze https://t.co/14rKKEXaFs via... by @TRUMP_PREZ via @c0nvey

  13. cc: Sanders supporters: "EXCLUSIVE: Dem Official Referred To Hillary As Nominee... https://t.co/owCJK4BsaT by @steph93065 via @c0nvey

  14. https://t.co/U4d8KuRKCa

  15. ISIS is BOASTING about how easy it would be to get into TX & AZ. Obama’s poor... https://t.co/ZzEm88hiJD by @StatesPoll via @c0nvey

  16. This is no surprise. Constant phony reporting from failing @CNN turns everyone... https://t.co/aAdv0eq14Y by @DesignerDeb3 via @c0nvey

  17. Clinton pay to play update --> "Hillary played favorites with huge number of... https://t.co/n71mvlDT4c by @steph93065 via @c0nvey

  18. Saddened to have my insights confirmed once again, unfortunately I have... https://t.co/x2gBG7zBO6 by @Italians4Trump via @c0nvey

  19. RT @mitchellvii: The media never attacks Trump on what he really said, they attack him on what "they" say he "meant".

  20. Help us #DumpRyan. 18 years is more than enough. #HireNehlen https://t.co/23b9jLQyXU by @trump2016fan via @c0nvey

  21. Who in hell is voting for this woman? https://t.co/rgPffjuvkV

  22. Hillary's Health #HillarysHealth Cannot Be Ignored https://t.co/3QyTO6VuVV by @StefanMolyneux via @c0nvey

  23. President Obama refuses to answer question about Iran terror funding. I won't... https://t.co/DeB3cutFpH by @steph93065 via @c0nvey

  24. INFILTRATED‼️ DHS gives Somali Muslims special tour of airport & security... https://t.co/wmU4adOXCx by @steph93065 via @c0nvey

  25. As I told you 6 days ago, NSA has all of Clinton's "deleted" emails. Source: NSA... https://t.co/5MCAzpvB0D by @Cernovich via @c0nvey

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