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  1. Thank you for you response Mr. Adams! I will read through it more thoroughly but wanted to make sure and say thank you first. Au Seeker suggested going to the county recorders office, after locating an area which seem like a step in the right direction. =) but seems like pretty touchy subject.
  2. It has been a running joke in my household for the last couple of days too.... "Leaverite Streamataceous Cobbleite" I love it.....
  3. We need more hours in the day and light at night! But I really can't wait to come back.
  4. I appreciate the goofing....your avatar gave it away... =) Well, I was looking for my birthday nugget...sooo...... the whole "Wish in one hand and...." theory... But the shine on the rock is what made me look twice, it had been entirely covered with moss, thick, thick moss, in the very middle of the river, there was a larger one, and a smaller one right next to it, but with a million other rocks nothing else shined like those two... They caught my eye, so I wiped down and inspected further.... I am still learning and found my inspection utterly meaningless, so I took picture. The patches
  5. I just read the article posted, these boys were definently out of line, they are from the area and should know better. I hope I don't sound too ignorant but I won't know unless I ask.....As someone who is new and unfamiliar with the legalities I want to learn and abide by the rules. So, where would I start? After driving in the mountains over the last couple of days, I saw countless No Trespassing Signs, old and new, some in good condition some tattered and laying in bits on the ground, but for those areas that are marked and unmarked how do you know what is what? Or, when floating down the ri
  6. Thanks for commenting! We are constantly questioning the incline.... Since the sluice is about 3ft long we raised it about 3"... not sure where that number came from now... We ended up having gravel as well as black sand bult up. When we turned the pump off the water would sit in the sluice (kind of stagnet), and not flow out. Should the water have flowed out based on the angle? So with a 30% incline and the 3ft sluice...it would need to be raised approx. 10.8 inches? I have also read that a 15% incline is good, which would have been about a 5.5 inch incline. The pump has about 3 to 4ft of h
  7. One day.... lol. Thanks for taking the time to scientificly classify
  8. Thanks for all your info Geo, we didn't make it to Cronan Ranch, but did stumble accross David Moore close to our campground. Absolutley beautiful!
  9. Thank you Bill! Yes, we are still jazzed, even when covered from head to toe with poison oak! I love working hard and being outside. I have a lot to learn but all of the time in the world to do it in, can't give up that easily! Rome wasn't built in a day. Thank you for letting us join you and giving us a place to talk about our adventures together!
  10. = Me Carrying Rock....Unimportant unless worth something!! This was supposed to be my birthday nugget........ farficknuggin.... :hmmmmm:
  11. LOL.....that made me laugh.... yes... well... rock... yes.... rock I should drive 3hours for and drag out of the middle of the river by any means neccessary? or just a rock?
  12. Yes, the pump does not like the restriction at all! I will have to try this when I get home tonight. Such a learning experiance!!
  13. Thanks for the information! It just seems like a lot of water is flowing...black sand was collecting ...
  14. I am trying to get the angle and water flow of the 3ft sluice and it seems to be tricky... I think the water pump I have been using might be flowing tooo fast, we tried to slow it down by putting a speed adjuster on it, but it didn't seem to slow it enough. Anyone have a pump size suggestion for a 27 gallon storage tote, filled about half way so approx. 15 gallons of water?
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