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    Anything related to geology or having a geologic base...from rock collecting to gold prospecting to meteorite hunting. Gold , Guns , and Gems. I am also an inventor . If it's on or in the ground i am interested. see me on facebook at : lewismiller62@yahoo.com

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  1. Happy turkey day dave. The site loaded fine for me so maybe there was site maintenance going on when you tried.
  2. Dowsing with an electronic device... we call it nuggetshooting with a metal detector... hmmm
  3. Way too cold for me. My thermometer showed 38 when I got up. Valley of the sun is now valley of the sunbeam refrigerator. At leat I am not the only one in Phoenix wearing thermals!
  4. The expert advice is worth more than all the freebies in the world... in my opinion. You can always buy gadgets but not real honest guidance. And when you feed the chickens give them a scratch on the head for me. Then go find some nuggets.
  5. And much better customer service too....
  6. Keep your eye on ebay. Glenn was correct as it was mentioned on the forum and was listed on ebay by one of the members. It was sold I believe.
  7. They reoppened digging on september 30th.
  8. Nope... we got them all. Just kidding. You can go dig crystals on diamond pointe. The area is also good for some fossils.
  9. Thanks for the links!!! I am sure there are many of us who can benefit from them.
  10. Hope you feel better soon Ron. Giant nuggies to you
  11. Hey Birdlady, welcome back by the way! We wondered where ya went. Anyway no cool down needed. But it needs to be made clear that people get cranky about their claims. Go over to gold prospecting section and read my thread about " verde river gold " where Clay speaks of dirty john. Explains it all. Depending on your area you would probably be better served with a club that you can attend meetings in person. Mingle time is very educational as well as beneficial. My phone number is in my profile if you have any questions that you don't want to post
  12. Good question but probably unanswerable. People are secretive about their finds so you never know. One Roadrunner claim produced a seven ounce nugget at an outing last year and I do know that one of the clubs claims has produced 13 ounces this year so far...one thing that stands out to me is that our claims are not worked as hard as some clubs claims. All of our nearly 200 claims are in Arizona.
  13. Glenn, Roadzrunners is third Thursday of each month at the american-italian club and monthly outing the following Saturday. Total fees are $1500. Which is paid as $240 per year til paid on full at which time you become a lifetime member. First year adds forty dollar initiation fee which covers id badge maps etc. In addition you pay an annual AMF of 44.00 . We just paid our annual amf fees for the year all 59000 worth.
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