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    Anything related to geology or having a geologic base...from rock collecting to gold prospecting to meteorite hunting. Gold , Guns , and Gems. I am also an inventor . If it's on or in the ground i am interested. see me on facebook at : lewismiller62@yahoo.com

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  1. Happy turkey day dave. The site loaded fine for me so maybe there was site maintenance going on when you tried.
  2. Hey Sledge, glad to see that I am not the only one. I still have 28 full buckets to pan afer carrying them over 380 yards back to the ride. I vowed to never do that again...until the next weekend. I am in the process of converting a bucket cart over to electric drive. I am using a 6v kids ride on toy for the mechanicals. That way the is no combustion engine involved for dry fire season. In the meantime I have downsized a little bit for sampling. I have been using the 34 ounce plastic coffee containers with lids. They get more than heavy enough. For marking my buckets I clip wooden clothes pi
  3. The only differences between the 600 and the 500 are that the 600 has an anti-rattle magazine and a firing pin spring. Hope this helps some. Anything you can do to one you can do to the other.
  4. Dowsing with an electronic device... we call it nuggetshooting with a metal detector... hmmm
  5. Way too cold for me. My thermometer showed 38 when I got up. Valley of the sun is now valley of the sunbeam refrigerator. At leat I am not the only one in Phoenix wearing thermals!
  6. The expert advice is worth more than all the freebies in the world... in my opinion. You can always buy gadgets but not real honest guidance. And when you feed the chickens give them a scratch on the head for me. Then go find some nuggets.
  7. And much better customer service too....
  8. Keep your eye on ebay. Glenn was correct as it was mentioned on the forum and was listed on ebay by one of the members. It was sold I believe.
  9. They reoppened digging on september 30th.
  10. Nope... we got them all. Just kidding. You can go dig crystals on diamond pointe. The area is also good for some fossils.
  11. A spam injection is needed to help you see plants better... it reacts with the cerebral cortex in the brain. Painless but in the wrong hands can be a real pain.
  12. I have found much more gold under tuba plants._
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