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    Anything related to geology or having a geologic base...from rock collecting to gold prospecting to meteorite hunting. Gold , Guns , and Gems. I am also an inventor . If it's on or in the ground i am interested. see me on facebook at : lewismiller62@yahoo.com

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  1. Dowsing with an electronic device... we call it nuggetshooting with a metal detector... hmmm
  2. Hey Mike , The catclaws are more of a problem than the Cholla are where we are going sunday ... I find 10 packs of those large combs at the dollar stores , not to mention i found a good crevice sucker there as well... My fanny pack is loaded with hand tools and assorted crap , ya just never know when you need them. My first aid kit is fully stocked also , the only thing missing is the whiskey...
  3. I'm with jim on this one... i bought mine from cabelas .
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