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  1. Garimpo and SGTFDA, Alas, it is not for lack of interest. It is finances. I had expected some more income by now. But the money gods did not smile on me as I had hoped. My money was shuffled off to the emergency room for a cotton-picking kidney stone of all things. I am good health now though. So, I still lack the 25 inch coil and still have no transportation. However, I retain "High Hopes" kinda like that old Frank Sinatra song. Thank you both for your replies and concerns.
  2. Thanks NVCHRIS, How do I go 'bout getting those DVD's? Avatar
  3. Johnno, May you find nothing but balogna and stale bread in your lunch box. I went over 4500 with big magnifying glass. I no got that setting. I looked at manual. It referred me to section under "do not buy used car from your advisor"
  4. You guys are the greatest! Can anyone familiar with the ML 4500 suggest a good setting for the NF 25" for use in AZ and CA Mohave desert ground? Avatar
  5. Thanks All, Had to postpone a bit..........kidney stone. ER did not tell me that the bill would finance a new wing at hospital. $ 1000 for ambulance, 3000 for CAT scan, etc! I will likely go for NF 25 rd mono when I recover from bill shock. Am investigating new ways to make baloney sandwiches. My thanks to all. I deeply appreciate all the info and effort.
  6. Chris, Thank you for your reply. I have had dinner at Dos Amigos in Winnemucca and I have been to downtown metropolitan Imlay but not the RyePatch. Are you referring to the 12 x 15 mono or DD? These sites have hidden the TH for over 150 years. It has taken me about 2 + years to reseach their location down to a reasonable search area.These robbers seem to never stash their goodies on level ground. Why they are atttracted to 30 degree slopes is beyond me. But, then again, I know of one other possible location that that is in sight of a sheriff's office. So I guess maybe level land is not all that good. (I will pass on that one.) Are there any shops that rent out backpacking mountain goats? Thanks for info on AUS coils. I had no idea that shipping would be so much. Not a lot of info out about carbon coil performance. I have read a lot of good about the 25" RM NF though. Hope the snakes don't mind me chopping down their shade. Maybe if I bump the bush and say "Shoo Snake"? Avatar
  7. Garimpo, Thank you for the reply. I am saving my pennies. I will be getting the 25" NF plus a carbon fiber lower and upper shaft. Also, I found a pair of non-metallic boots to wear. Now, if I can get the treasure ghosts to help, I will be all set. It is a bit nippy to go out right now. The nut that holds the detector up gets too cold to operate properly.
  8. Garimpo, Thanks, I have spent some time in Brazil. Up all the coastal cities fom Rio and a trip offshore to a drilling rig 100 miles off the mouth of the Amazon. Scary helo ride from Amapa. Stayed at the old Amapa barracks, signed the wall. Brazil has no doubt the most beautiful women in the world. Avatar
  9. Hello fellow treasure hunters, I am researching a site in Arizona and one in California that indicates that an iron metal strapped, oak wood box full of au coins may be buried there likely 1-4 feet deep. I have a MineLab 4500. My Questions are: What coil should I use to get to the max depth of 4 feet and what program settings would you recommend? I have a MineLab 12 x15 Mono and a 12 x 15 DD. I was wondering if a larger diameter coil might be better. In most places, there are mesquite bushes that are difficult to search around and there are hot rocks in sandy soil in many places. I was thinking maybe an 18" or a 25". However, I am open to suggestions. I do not want to guess. Coils are expensive. But the expense would be justified if it located the strongbox. Does anyone have any knowledge of the carbon coils sold by Link Technologies in AUS? MineLab recommends the 18' commander mono. Thanks, Avatar
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