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  1. They think the ship is the Fane a privateer, the newest and most common reales are dated 1780 so around that time frame. Most 8 reales from one hole was 34, a friend and I dug in that hole for 4 straight hours phew!
  2. Are you allowed to ride quads there to get around?
  3. The shipwreck is out in front of a small bay inlet so there's quite a bit of silt, I heard the dredge hit the coins about 23 feet down in the sand. Those blue coins had areas with mirror like mint luster when I dug them but once exposed to the air the started oxidizing like silver will do.
  4. Here are some of the 8 reales I dug on a NJ beach after a beach replenishment. Still looking for my first gold coin, several were dug by others.
  5. True but its got to be pretty exciting to dig a gold nugget. I tell you the good old days of beach hunting may be coming to an end. With the high price of gold we are seeing a LOT of stainless, titanium, and tungstung rings these days and far fewer gold rings.
  6. Thanks Whylee, that's what I was thinking Reno looks like a good central location. When I lived up in Portland, OR it was a 5-6 hour drive to go prospecting so it will be nice to be closer. I did some sluicing/panning in Bear river off I80 a few years ago while on vacation and I'll probably do so more of that too. I was hoping to buy a small dredge but I read California has since banned dredging or rather they refuse to issue the permits. :( Do you guys use quads to explore further out from the parking areas? I guess I'm asking regarding say a site like Rye Patch. I was checking this weekend a
  7. First hello, new forum member here glad to meet you all. So it looks like I'll be re-locating to the Reno area in a few months and I want to buy a good nugget shooting machine. I already have an AT Gold I purchased for small gold chains on NJ coast beaches but have always heard these GPX are the pro machine for nugget hunting so I'm checking out the GPX5000. It looks heavy that's one concern I have. Can that control box be hip mounted? How heavy are the coils? I have been watching some youtube videos. It appears the GPX5000 can get a signal on gold down to a certain size but some of the VLF's
  8. The Explorer SE Pro is an awesome machine, I know it quite well if you have any questions.
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