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  1. Hi, Does your question ask about discovering Alluvial/Lode gold on a Placer mining claim? If Yes, then short of starting an argument; on face value, if there is no Lode Claim on this USFS/BLM land and you have found Alluvial/Lode, gold in quartz or rough not stream tumbled smooth, then it would not be Placer gold and not part of the Placer Claim. But, if the Lode gold fell into a creek on a Placer Claim, then I wouldn’t touch it. There are areas here in Amador County where both Placer and Lode Claims are filed by different people on the same property.
  2. Ok, I’ll post something. I got lucky last month and swung over this specimen in way up Northern California . I dug up a big rock and thought it was a hot rock but then swung back over the hole and the target was still in the hole and I found this. It was only 4” deep and I was using my trusty GPX4000 with the 12”x15” Commander coil.
  3. kristen@golddiggerinnovativeproducts.com send email to this link. i had to send back my black widows twice in 3 months before I even used them in the field; they are my back up pair now
  4. You should keep a VLF for sure; sell the Eureka. Btw, excellent choice on Sadie and EVO coil, I use them both. Good Luck
  5. Bill, reading your positive response means a lot. Thanks, Mike Side note: I sent a previously modded GP3000 down to Woody at “Dectectormods” for repairs. It had been moded a long time ago, even though he did not do the original work, he still is repairing and testing the unit for me. That alone shows good customer service. David is the main guy I have been emailing and calling for my repairs, great customer service. Mike
  6. To All, I have a GPX4000 which works fine but I am considering having it "modded"; "improved performance through customized electronics". Can someone share their experiences with having their GPX modded and who did the work? Should I have my GPX modded? I also have a GP3000 which I am considering to have modded instead. Thank You, Mike Northern California
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