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  1. Fish the Inlet of the Lake they like the Cool water. Use a small Tapping on the pole this makes that worm jump all around thanks to the rubber band.
  2. I use a Rubber Band about a 2-3' up the line, with very little slack in the line when the rubber band is not stretched out, with a Kids fishing pole with a Small Floresent worm works Great on Lake Trout.
  3. The Word is Out and the Race is Getting Bigger.
  4. Spur

    Ball Mill

    Ya Gary and I have Chatted a Bit He is a Very Knowledgeable Man.. I am in need of something that can Handle at Least a 1/3-1/2 Ton of Ore..River Rock would work fine but if there was a River around for 75 Mile I would probly be in it LOL I not sure if enyone here Has or Had worked With or Has Plans of a Ball mill this size if so can you post a Pic. I dont what to go broke buying Crushers http://www.sbmchina....CFQ9whwodRE6FXA .. Thanks For the Help it is Highly Appreciated I am thinking of running a 50 gal plastic Drum on some rubber tires powered by Electric the Problem with this is the Ore and River Rock Will just Slide Like a Glob. mabie putting a Chain Polverizer in a Tuff Shed Would be better
  5. Spur

    Ball Mill

    Thanks Fellas I've seen that Video and Thought about using a Cement Mixer Coated with Rino Liner (in place of Lead) as an Adgitator. I also tried to use a Hot water tank but it has Way to much rust. I can spin a 5 Gal plastic Gas can but the hole is a pain. Thanks Au.Seeker I'll look in to thouse links some more. Tried to post a pic here but forgot how.
  6. Spur

    Ball Mill

    Howdy All, I am Seeing Gold in Hard Rock with My Hand held 60X Uv. or White Light Micro Scope. I Have Built a Crusher out of a Ball-Pen Hammer Head and a Fence Post Crushing in Half of an Air tank Then I move it to a Rock polisher with Bearings and Lug Nuts, Makes a Fine Powder. Now I would like to Build a Bigger Ball-Mill some thing that Can Handle at least a Bucket Does Enyone have Plans to build a Ball-Mill. I would Love to get my hands on an old Sampson Jaw Crusher. Thanks for eny Help.
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