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  1. Fish the Inlet of the Lake they like the Cool water. Use a small Tapping on the pole this makes that worm jump all around thanks to the rubber band.
  2. I use a Rubber Band about a 2-3' up the line, with very little slack in the line when the rubber band is not stretched out, with a Kids fishing pole with a Small Floresent worm works Great on Lake Trout.
  3. The Word is Out and the Race is Getting Bigger.
  4. Thanks Adam I think you nailed it after looking at google Images. there is a lot of Pecock Ore around Here. Thanks GoldFinger I will Have to look in to limonite thats a New one for me although there is a Lot of Mica here. It is just a Style of Rock I've Heard the old Timers Would look for when Prospecting for Au. Here is my take on it. The Green Flashes are Copper, and the Purple is Pt. ect.
  5. It's Comments Like Yours that Make this Site What it is.
  6. I think it's Glena, Through a 10 X Loop using White Light it Flashes Silvers,Golds Purple and Greens. Under a Uv. Light and Microscope it Flashes Silvers Golds and Green Strings. The Streek is a Light Brown and White. I Have not done Eny acid tests yet for Smell or streeks It is Very Heavy With some Vains. The Cubicals are a Perfect Square some with other Squars on them, and The Fracture is Powder. eny Ideas.
  7. Spur

    Ball Mill

    Ya Gary and I have Chatted a Bit He is a Very Knowledgeable Man.. I am in need of something that can Handle at Least a 1/3-1/2 Ton of Ore..River Rock would work fine but if there was a River around for 75 Mile I would probly be in it LOL I not sure if enyone here Has or Had worked With or Has Plans of a Ball mill this size if so can you post a Pic. I dont what to go broke buying Crushers http://www.sbmchina....CFQ9whwodRE6FXA .. Thanks For the Help it is Highly Appreciated I am thinking of running a 50 gal plastic Drum on some rubber tires powered by Electric the Problem with this is the O
  8. Spur

    Ball Mill

    Thanks Fellas I've seen that Video and Thought about using a Cement Mixer Coated with Rino Liner (in place of Lead) as an Adgitator. I also tried to use a Hot water tank but it has Way to much rust. I can spin a 5 Gal plastic Gas can but the hole is a pain. Thanks Au.Seeker I'll look in to thouse links some more. Tried to post a pic here but forgot how.
  9. Spur

    Ball Mill

    Howdy All, I am Seeing Gold in Hard Rock with My Hand held 60X Uv. or White Light Micro Scope. I Have Built a Crusher out of a Ball-Pen Hammer Head and a Fence Post Crushing in Half of an Air tank Then I move it to a Rock polisher with Bearings and Lug Nuts, Makes a Fine Powder. Now I would like to Build a Bigger Ball-Mill some thing that Can Handle at least a Bucket Does Enyone have Plans to build a Ball-Mill. I would Love to get my hands on an old Sampson Jaw Crusher. Thanks for eny Help.
  10. Welp if ya do it right it could be a Wash. somethin like Buy a BackHoe, a New Prospecting Truck, Tools, labor, enven the Dog is Roaming Securety and needs to be fed, The Price of the Claim and every Bill. Stet up a Office in the Garage then Travel time and The Trucks Gas and Insurance is a wright off. or you could go Big and Start a B&B. Hope This Helps
  11. Nice Finds for sure your Quarts and Garnets look a lot like my Glena. Merry Christmas all
  12. That sounds Like a Great Plan. Just remember the sale will be Profit and you will have to claim it on your Taxes as income. you could sell an retain a portion of the claim also its all in the wording, even Lease it out to a local Club.
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