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  1. I cannot access my "man Cave" - where my HAM radios used to be (sold them all after my Dad passed away) Now the room is full of JUNK that needs to be processed and (mostly) thrown away before I can get back INTO it. This year's project, I guess. Best wishes to everyone! KarlB
  2. I'm curious!! Looks at first glance to be a radio relay of some sort - Amateur, maybe? The antenna appears to be cut for around 144 Mhz. (2 Meters) and isn't that a little solar panel on top, too? My guess is a HAM repeater. KarlB
  3. Hi again - I've been away for a few days... GeoJack - I checked out that little turntable and read a couple of reviews. LOOKS nice, but as both reviewers said, turns a bit too fast for my liking. I've found a nice little geared-down A/C motor in my junk box that should make the workings of a FINE turntable! Besides, as an aircraft mechanic I do like to build things myself. Thanks for the comment, Goldfinger! I wish I had more similar samples to put on display. Thanks to you, too, GlennM. And you reminded me that I have to get in touch with ElDorado about "Purtying Up" that core sample so
  4. Johnno and Bedrock Bob, espescially - because you have been so good to me in another thread... It may well be fossilized Elk Poo!! LOL These are rather unfocused photos (I apologise) of a little stone that I found in a river in Southern Quebec about fifty years ago. (I was an avid rockhound in my very early years.) As a matter of fact, I still have (and use) my rockhound's pick that I bought from a mail-order catalogue when I was twelve years old! The little sample is quite magnetic, seems to exhibit a fusion crust, has dimples that might be small regmaglypts, but the thing about it that I f
  5. Johnno, and Bedrock Bob, I was going to post a couple of pictures of my (magnetic) fossilized Elk Poo, but the sample is so small that I haven't been able to get other than a fuzzy shot of it. Perhaps I'll give it another try tomorrow. Steve, thank you very much for your offer to purty up my core sample! After seeing a few examples of your work, I must say I'm very impressed! And it seems you come highly recommended! My only concern at this point is if there might be any issue sending my sample across the border. (And getting it back! LOL) I'll do a little research about cross-border ship
  6. SHOULD I flatten and polish the end? As a newbie to the hobby, I don't know any of the accepted practices, and I thought it should be left just "as found" to retain its value. I might consider cutting it into two pieces, since it's about 2.5 inches long, and there is evidence that the vein runs deep. (See attached photos) As you can see, even the "bad" end of the sample shows a little colour. I really would like to display this piece to its best advantage. Karl
  7. Well, Skip and El D... I WISH!! We're talking about a place I visited while hunting on weekends more than thirty years ago! All I remember for certain is that I was hunting on an old (abandoned and overgrown) mine camp trail somewhere between Timmins and South Porcupine. (On the South side.) There were dozens, if not hundreds, of these core sample piles littered all over the area I was hunting. If I lived closer, (A LOT closer!) I might mount an expedition to see if any of the areas I hunted were still available. I imagine that a lot of the old abandoned claims have been re-opened, since the
  8. Hi Chuck and Bedrock Bob! Thanks for the comments on my little core sample. Darn, but I wish I'd picked up a few more of those things! I was out grouse hunting and came across an abandoned pile of cores, thought I'd look at a few since I knew I was in gold territory, and pocketed the one you see here. If I'd had any foresight at all, I would have returned day after day to pick out any bits of colour (Canadian spelling) I might find. I guess I should be thankful for the nice piece that I do have. And I am. The next item in my "collection" that I have to deal with is an alleged meteorite. And
  9. Thanks, Chuck - you're making me blush! LOL! In all honesty, I did not find that rock, it was given to me by my grandfather. However, I actually DID find the core sample that I just posted a few minutes ago on a different thread. darn, but Grandpa did give me a nice rock! Karl
  10. Hi again! I came across this core sample when I was working as an aircraft mechanic up in Timmins Ontario. (1979) There were literally mountains of samples like these near abandoned mines. I think I picked up one of the better ones. Wish I had picked up more!!! How do you think I might pretty this thing up for display? Karl
  11. I'm old too, Micro Nugget! Often I walk into a room and ask myself, "What did I come in here for?" Oh, well. Karl Oh, I just found something else that I'll post on another thread.
  12. I just KNOW I'm going to be "called" on this, so I'll explain: It's two different dimes! LOL I thought one picture would suffice, at first, and put the coin back in my pocket. Then I thought, no, I'll turn the sample over and take another shot. Of COURSE I didn't get the same dime from my pocket! And by the way, is anyone using "antique" metal detectors these days? Mine may qualify as one. Karl
  13. Thank you for the welcomes and comments, Au Seeker, Terry and El Dorado! And thank you too, for your service, El D. I took a couple more photos of the sample with a Canadian Dime for size comparison. I hope these show a little more detail. I'm no "expert" at anything, especially photography! And certainly a novice (even in my advanced years) at prospecting. As I mentioned in my first post, this little ore sample was given to me by my Grandfather. (I think it was 1966 or thereabouts!) I'd like to make a nice little display stand for it, and was thinking of taking the guts out of a music box
  14. Thanks for the welcome, Bill and Bucket! This sure looks like a nice place to hang out and learn stuff. Hopefully when the weather gets better I can dust off the old detector and do some sweeping. And thanks for the info on specific gravity - that's going to be the next step I take on my sample, before I make some sort of display for it. It's been hiding in my sock drawer for far too many years! Karl
  15. Hello, everyone. I've been lurking in the sidelines for a while, reading. Registered a few days ago and STILL reading! There's lots of really good information in here! (But I'm sure you already know that.) I'm recently semi-retired and have thought I might get back into metal detecting/coin shooting/panning etc... They were interests of mine many years ago. And farther back in time than THAT, my Grandfather gave me a piece of quartz that he was given by a mine manager in northern Quebec, back in the 1930s. Allegedly it was a fairly rich sample that the manager kept on his desk. I have no int
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