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  1. We need miners to fill the courtroom in Quincy, CA this coming Wednesday Feb 20th in support of Brandon Reinhart (I'm not sure of the spelling) who was cited for suction dredge mining on the Feather River last summer. James Buchal, the miners attorney has taken this case on and the miners need to support fellow miner Brandon and also pitch in some funds to compensate James Buchal for the time he has donated for this case. We need to fill the courtroom and also have miners outside with signs if possible. It needs to be an orderly crowd, but we need to show the court that all the miners are ups
  2. The agenda of Discovery Channel is obvious. They definitely are not the miner's friend. Every episode of the Wild Justice that deals with independent miners suction dredging, starts off with still shots of dead fish on the bottom of the river and floating upside down. I've never seen a dead fish when I've been dredging, but apparently as soon as they show up, the fish die so they can be photographed. In dealing with Wild Justice, the show would be a no-show, if every person accused at the end of the camera would say 3 simple things: 1. "Sir, I will not answer any questions until the camera's a
  3. E.D. - doubt it was a rain ditch as it is only 30 feet away from the river (and maybe 20 feet above it). So it sounds like an exploratory ditch. Anyone have any idea how they mined it? I assume they would shovel down, run the gravel through a sluice and stack the rocks? By virtue that the ditch is 40 or 50 feet long, I would assume that they were finding gold (or maybe they just liked digging long ditches?) I will run a metal detector down the center and maybe dismantle one of the walls and sample the gravel on the bedrock outside of the ditch to see how it looks. It possibly occurred to me th
  4. A couple of years ago I was hiking around my claim in the Sierra Foothills and happened upon a nest of bald faced hornets. I believe they are the biggest native bees in CA, and boy, do they get aggressive in late August and into the fall (especially in dry summers). I saw that I startled them from 50 feet away, and as soon as I saw the first 20 come out of the ground hive, I started running for the creek to dive in. I was wearing a backpack and because of it, I "only" got stung 4 or 5 times (no telling how many times the backpack got stung). I've been stung by bees before, and didn't think muc
  5. Wes- it isn't a water ditch- it is only 40 feet long. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out old ditches and flumes as there are a lot of them around here. These trenches were somehow used for working the gravel- I just need to figure out what they did. I cannot make sense of why they made such a narrow trench. The bench where the trench is located is gravel and the sides of the ditch are stacked rock, so they obviously did something with the gravel (washed it) and used the left over rocks to stack. I just don't see why they only made a trench 2 feet wide. If I were to go to the trouble, I wo
  6. Mobius- no sampling yet, just curious what they were. They weren't flumes as they only go a short distance. The bedrock at this location could possibly be at the bottom of the trench, as in some cases the bedrock comes up quite a ways up from the creek (I don't remember how deep the bedrock was at this location). What I don't understand is why make the trench so narrow? It is barely wide enough to move around in. Why not throw the rocks quite a ways further out? After all the trench is on top of a 30 foot high gravel bar- so the rocks they would have thrown out would have rolled away from the
  7. I finally got a photograph of the ditches I see on top of the riverside tailing piles. Does anybody have any idea what they were doing with these ditches? They are all sorts of different lengths and about the same width. This ditch is right up against the hilliside on top of a 30 foot tall hydraulic tailing pile on the side of a river.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. El Dorado, I will go back this weekend and try to get some good shots of what I am talking about. I've got photos now, but they don't show the structures well, so I need to take some more photos.
  9. I've been visiting some friend's claims which are on rivers where hydraulic mining activity happened in the past, so there are large gravel bars in the canyons left over from the mining activity of 150 years ago. I've got some questions hopefully somebody who understands mining history can answer: 1. The gravel banks are maybe 50 feet high, and when I climb to the top of them and walk toward the point where the edge of the gravel table top meets the hillside, I see hand stacked trenches which are maybe 5 feet deep, 3 feet wide and maybe 100 feet long. All the rocks on the sides of them are han
  10. Great lecture by Rosa Koire, Author of "Behind the Green Mask" :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDtCb45Lqt0&feature=related - I download it as a mp3 and listen to it on an ipod. Amazing stuff- She explains it to an audience in Redding.
  11. We knew they were going to sue because they felt the rules weren't tough enough. That can be expected. So if we didn't file a lawsuit challenging the EIR, our goose would have been cooked. PLP is working on the lawsuit and will file in a couple of days. The irony? They filed suit to block the regulations and the SEIR and we are filing suit to block the regulations and the SEIR. Interesting, the enviros and the miners both say the SEIR and the regulations suck, so the odds are good they will both be thrown out. So what does this mean? I'm not a lawyer, but here's my take - if the SEIR is set
  12. By the way, Bedrock Bob, we have an opening for volunteer position of Gold Mining Club liason. If you know of anyone who is interested. Personally, my plate is a bit full and the clubs are an obvious and overlooked portion of our potential reach. Applications are being accepted, if you know of anyone.
  13. E.D. - You are the second person to tell me that. I reinstalled the widget and it appeared to work. I am not a web guy as all I know how to do is to surf the internet- I am a old guy who doesn't know a lot of tricks. The WMA site is the compendum of my obvious lack of website design, and html knowledge. I can only install the REALLY simple widgets to get them to work as I don't have the time nor the natural abiltiy to understand how to program the widgets- if I spend too much time on trying to figure it out, my head starts to hurt. I have a million things I'd like the site to do, but I don't h
  14. Thanks for your opinion Bob. I am sure that after I reach out to 9000 claim holders by placing a phone call to them, I will be warmed up to call the clubs. So far I have made over 2000 phone calls, personally. My ears are starting to get sore, but I only have 7000 calls to go. The claim holders have "skin in the game" and they are probably the only group that hasn't been organized or approached. The clubbers have been hammered by everyone for years for donations, etc as they are easy pickings. I am extending huge amounts of energy to contact every claimholder in CA. Not many people have the pa
  15. Sorry about that Bill- it seems a lot of people are trying and not getting anywhere with it. Maybe my 15 years of doing it has paid off. I give good phone as all I get are enthusiastic people responding to me. I guess I will have to work all the miners across the US. Each day I knock down a couple of counties. So in a few weeks I should have most of California done, then I will more further out. Thanks for the effort. I will call you tomorrow.
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