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  1. A little over a year ago, I purchased a new Whites GMT detector from a local dealer. Initially, I wanted a detector that would do a good job of nugget hunting here in Colorado. I was told by the dealer that a Minelab would not be a good detector here in this state due to mineralization. So I took his word for it and bought the GMT. The local dealer did not sell Minelab. Yet after reading so many posts, I now find myself wondering if that is true. Obviously, what gold is here in Colorado is very small and nuggets are rare. Does anybody here know if a Minelab would be productive here? I know tha
  2. Nice one for sure. Planning on coming out to AZ in April or May to try to complete one item on my bucket list. To find something that you don't need a magnifying glass to see! Any pointers on where to go as well as what clubs to join would be appreciated. Is LSD a club claim? Certainly don't want to accidentally become a "claim jumper". Any and all information would be most helpful for sure. Also, are Atv's allowed on LSD?
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