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  1. There are 16 episodes that have aired so far and there is a whole new season coming in a couple weeks. I like the show because he uses the scientific method when doing research. He is not taken seriously by the archaeology academics because what he proposes Flys in the face of all written history. Great show, can't wait for this new season.
  2. 99% of the Irons at the dense collection area (Franconia) like SaW are smaller than a jelly bean, with the right detector they are abundant.
  3. I would stop the rust process first with a light coat of naval jelly. Then wipe again with some denatured alcohol, let dry in the sunlight for a short bit and seal with a satin clear coat. Amazing condition! Very cool find.
  4. Awesome hunt guys, congrats and thanks for sharing!!
  5. Was relic hunting in an old 1850's mining camp where I recently found a Flying Eagle Cent and heard what I thought was going to be a nickle and out comes this 6.0 dWt nugget, what a surprise on the CTX. Went home and got the GPX-4500 and thoroughly checked the area with no luck, maybe a miner's drop.
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